Lonoke County Sheriff John Staley recently announced that he would seek re-election as sheriff in this year’s election.

"It has been my pleasure and distinct honor to serve each citizen of Lonoke County as their Sheriff. I am seeking re-election to continue to serve as your Sheriff," Staley said.

"My commitment to our community is to continue to provide the highest level of service by the Sheriff’s Office as possible. Our members can be proud of where they work and our citizens can be equally proud of their Sheriff’s Office. Lonoke County deserves the best in law enforcement. When re-elected, it will be my desire to expand and enhance the services to our communities with a special emphasis on protecting our children and citizens from the organized drug traffickers, thieves, sexual predators and other criminals that are attempting to corrupt our county. I will continue to be tough and aggressive on crime. I also intend to continue to work on enhancing the working relationship between all law enforcement, public service agencies and our school systems. We must ensure that our schools are safe and our children are given ample opportunity to grow up in the positive environment that can be provided for them. Our families are the backbone of our society, and we must strive to maintain our family values. I will always stand on my Christian values, never surrendering to political pressure. I take seriously my oath of office and my pledge to support the laws and the Constitution of the United States and the state of Arkansas.

"I hope you will join with others in our community to re-elect me as your Sheriff. Together we can continue our Mission of Peace and Safety for All Citizens. Thank you for your support," Staley added.