As violent as it was, the storm that struck Wednesday caused no tornado alarms, although some suspect it may have had some rotation in it. The storm left a trail of downed trees, broken utility poles and broken fences, but apparently no major damage, but power was knocked out overnight to a portion of Cabot.

Cabot mayor Bill Cypert said the window wall in his office gave a wide view of the storm sweeping across the city. "About five o’clock it got as dark as I have ever seen it. I thought it was a tornado, but it looks like it was all straight-line wind," he said.

Records with the National Weather Service note the high winds in Lonoke County, but show no tornado warning.

According to the city’s two rain guages, about two inches of rain fell in about 40 minutes, Cypert said. "I am glad to say all the drainage work we have done looks like its done the job," he said.

Austin mayor Bernie Chamberlain said the was "a lot" of trees down, and one driveway was washed out. "But there was not and real damage that I am aware of," she said.

County Judge Doug Erwin said county crews were clearing debris until late Thursday. "We had trees down across roads in about 12 places," he said.

There was some brief flooding in areas prone to the problem and two washouts, "But everything was taken care of pretty quickly. [Ward Fire Department] response was excellent," Erwin said.