Want emergency responders to know where you are? Want them prepared to meet your special needs? Want search crews to know there is a tornado shelter in your home?

Smart911 Safety Profiles can do all these, and more. The service is available to all Arkansans through an act of the State Legislature. The service is paid for, it is ready for residents to use – all that needs be done is for the Smart911 profile to be created by the individual.

Reason No. 1 – Location:

Mobile telephone service, unlike landline service, does not provide name and address for 911 calls. As more and more people stop landline telephone service for mobile devices, 911 dispatchers are taking increasing time to learn from where calls come – and most 911 calls are made from home.

A Smart911 Safety Profile can give first responders a name and location. Should the call be made away the caller’s home, having a name, and possibly other contacts, can help lead to the caller’s location.

In extreme cases when a caller is unable to speak, emergency responders would still have a name and location.

Create your Smart911 Safety Profile online at www.smart911.com - just sign in and then follow the instructions.

For those without home Internet service, public-access computers are available at Arlene Cherry Memorial Public Library, 506 North Grant St., Cabot.

Marjorie Walker McCrary Memorial Public Library 204 E. Second St., Lonoke.

Carlisle Public Library, 105 E. Fifth St., Carlisle.

There is also a public access computer in the lobby of Cabot city hall, 101 North Second St.

Next week: Secure information