Editor’s Note: John Dock was a regular feature in the newspaper 50 years ago. It is a satirical view from the time. This is apparently the first column to be used, though it gives little clue to who John Dock is, or was.

May 30, 1963

IN OUR COLUMN HERE this week, we are running articles by two different writers. The first article is by a man, who writes under the by-line of John Dock. The other column items are by Terry Rains, staff member of the Cabot Star-Herald. Our plans call for future columns by these two under their own column headings.

By John Dock

Lately I’ve gotten the feeling that some of the news coming out of Washington don’t ring exactly true.

I can remember when any statement from the White House or the "administration" was accepted as being reasonably close to the truth, and the people felt that they was being kept informed on whatever was going on at the time. Now, take the Bay of Pigs incident for example. I still don’t know what went on down there - I think I got a purty dern good idea, but Washington hadn’t told me nothing concrete yet.

The people don’t know if we did or we didn’t or if we should’ve or we shouldn’t’ve. I say they don’t know - what I mean is they haven’t been told. But I bet if you set down a hundred people and asked them what they thought went on there, about ninety-five of them could give you a story that was purty close to the truth, if the truth were to be made known.

Now, the American people don’t want our public officials running around giving away military secrets or putting out information that might hurt us. All of us know that there are some things that have just got to be kept quiet. On the other hand, the people do feel they got a right to know just what our policies are and what ideas our government is being run under.

It seems to me that any nation what can go through two world wars and several police actions in forty-five years ought to have some citizens who can think half-way decent about our national problems - who can take the truth, however bad it might be! I don’t know many times that the truth don’t do better than anything else, ‘cause when you lie you’re gonna be found out sooner or later. Folks are apt to think more of their representatives in Washington if they’ll shoot straight - after all, nobody expects them to be perfect - just honest!

While they’re telling the truth, I wish they would tell me what they used my income tax for last year. I see where one feller in Virginia found out they used his (all $3000 plus of it) to send telegrams to Congress members from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare - all in one afternoon. I hope they don’t use mine for that - I’d rather they’d use mine to feed some poor kid with no folks.