Sidewalks, a new car and zoning were among the matters discussed by Ward City Council at the Nov. 11 meeting.

Mayor Art Brooke and aldermen Bill Moon, Lee Schoonover, Jeff Shaver, Gary Matheny, Charles Gastineau and Don Howard attended the meeting.

The council approved continuing the 5-mill city property tax. The 5-mills are included in the annual county property tax bills sent to residents.

Planning commission chairman Gary Meadows said there was not actionable issues discussed at the commission meeting. Though the plans for a subdivision on Dogwood Lane, south of city limits, were reviewed.

The subdivision is being built to meet city codes on the assumption it will be annexed in the future, Meadows said.

Currently the land is not contiguous to the city; annexation must wait until the limits have reached the property, he said.

Dave Stanley of Lemons Engineering Consultants reviewed the city projects currently under way.

Phase II of Safe Routes to School, to build sidewalks along Moon Road, was begun in a meeting with state highway officials. The meeting is required before grant money for the work is made available to the city, Stanley said.

Planning for the project will likely be abbreviated, Stanley said. It is a comparatively short distance to cover, about 800 feet, and much of the needed information has already been collected, he said.

The plan is to build sidewalks in a series of smaller projects, with each project bringing walkways toward the center of the city, Stanley said.

The wastewater system backup generators are being tested; the contractor has the generators working "off and on," Stanley said.

Final documentation for changes to the intersection of Arkansas Highways 319 and 367 has been received from Metroplan, and survey work has been completed, Stanley said.

Aldermen approved the purchase of a new patrol car, and the sale of the patrol car it is to replace. Police chief Steve Benton said the method of sale is not certain, yet. However, it will likely be sent to a car auction rather than ask for bids.

The last time sealed bids were requested, the city got about $300 for the cars; at auction the cars have sold for about $1,300, Benton said.

Brooke said that the city has traditionally given end-of-year bonuses to employees, and that records show that each department is currently able to give employees the equivalent of a week’s salary.

Announced upcoming events include the city budget meeting at 5 p.m. Nov. 14, in the civic room; Christmas Parade/Treelighting 4 p.m. - Dec. 14; potluck Thanksgiving dinner for city employees - Nov. 21; employee Christmas dinner - Dec. 12; Lonoke/White Public Water Authority meeting - Dec. 3. The next city council meeting will be Dec. 9.