City officials in north Lonoke County report no injuries caused by the winter storm that struck Sunday night. Most reports are of delays and minor accidents, and the news from the school district is that the school year has been extended once again.

Cabot Police Department public information officer Sgt. Keith E. Graham, said Tuesday that the department had received about 40 calls, mainly for cars in roadside ditches.

While roads were clearing, most are slick and may possible refreeze later in the day.

"If you don’t have to get out, don’t," Graham said. "If you have to drive, remember to give yourself extra distance behind other cars, and remember it will take longer to stop," he said.

City hall operations director Eddie Cook said city crews had been able to keep main roads passable although side streets

Cook said that some city services would be delayed; garbage pickup would be shifted two days, and crews would be collecting on Sunday.

Austin mayor Bernie Chamberlain said residents there "Pretty much stayed inside. They were smart to do that." The city was able to cope fairly well because resident stayed off the road, she said.

Cabot Schools, with only two weather days built into the calendar, will be extended again, to June 4. There was one backup day, but that was already used, said Amanda Elizandro, Coordinator of District Communications for Cabot Schools.