Lonoke County Treasurer Patti Weathers, in a press release, has announced her bid for re-election; she will be a candidate for nomination as the Republican candidate for county treasurer in the May 2014 preferential primary.

Weathers is in her first term as treasurer. She was elected in 2012, taking office in 2013. She noted that she is the first Republican elected as Lonoke County Treasurer.

"The past year has been a busy and productive year, although it has went by extremely fast" Weathers said in the release.

"I have worked very hard to create a positive work relationship within the court house. In order to operate county government smoothly each elected official has to be willing to respect the other offices and work together to get the job done. I pride myself in those efforts."

Weathers said she has overseen several changes in the treasurer’s office during the past year, one of the most extensive being changing the codes for funds and revenue to meet the requirements of state auditors.

Weathers said she worked closely with the budget committee, County Judge and County Clerk to develop the 2014 budget.

Weathers said she and her husband, Barry, have been married 37 years, and have two children, BJ, married to Cindy Bailey, and Kasi, a senior at the University of Central Arkansas. They have 2 grandchildren, Bryson and LillyAnn.

Weathers said she and Barry are owners of Weathers Construction Company Inc. and B&P Rental Properties Inc.

Weathers said she is a lifelong resident of Lonoke County; a graduate of Cabot High School; and member of Cabot Chamber of Commerce, Lonoke Chamber of Commerce, Association of Arkansas Counties, Apprentice Treasurers Automation Committee, Arkansas County Treasurers Association, Lonoke County Republican Committee, and Mt. Zion Methodist Church.

"I greatly appreciate the confidence and faith that the voters of Lonoke County have entrusted in me this past year, I have taken my responsibility as an elected official very seriously. It has been an honor and privilege to serve my county. I am asking for your continued support and vote in the coming election," Weathers said.