On Thursday, March 6, the Woodlawn Community Center opened its doors at 10:30 a.m. to 30 friends and neighbors.

President Cecelia Anderson opened the program, inviting attendees to join in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing "God Bless America," accompanied by Anita Weathers on the piano.

Janet Ray gave the invocation and invited the attendees to remember those in need of prayer.

After group singing "Amazing Grace," The Woodlawn Community Center, was more than pleased to introduce Kern Kennedy and The Camp Ground Express Band-with Roy Thurman, Robbie Reid, R.J. Greenwood, Earl (Pop) Burgess and Kern Kennedy. playing and singing famous songs from the past. An enjoyable day for everyone.

Robbie Reid blessed the dinner.

Then on Saturday, March 8, beginning at 4:20 -7 p.m., the Woodlawn Community Center hosted a fundraiser spaghetti supper, there was a crowd of about 150. Entertainment was Larry Weathers and his band. Everyone enjoying their dinner and entertainment.

This Thursday, March 13, is gift bag bingo day, at the Woodlawn Community Center, 10070 Arkansas Highway 31 North.

Come early for a cup of coffee, and bring a dish for potluck.

Submitted by Dorothy Williams