Lonoke county marriage licenses Oct. 19 through Nov. 15, 2012:

Charles Stanton Cook, 42, of Austin to Denise Bailey Koch, 44, of Austin.

Brandon Ryan Swiney, 21, of Beebe to Lorin Casey Collins, 20, of Ward.

Johnny Charles Cone, 55, of Austin to Martha Sue Mavity, 55, of Austin.

Timothy Craig Smith Jr., 30, of Cabot to Stacey Leeann Albright, 28, of Cabot.

Stephen Eugene Goode, 38, of Austin to Shawna Kathleen Goode, 35, of Austin.

Sammy Lloyd Thrift, 56, of Carlisle to Lestia Ann Mortz, 48, of Carlisle.

Thomas Jack Stark, 40, of Austin to Wynter Dawn Trumpfheller, 31, of Cabot.

Donald E. Meredith, 66, of Jacksonville to Donna Diane Bailey, 64, of Cabot.

Glen Allen Rose, 36, of Hazen to Angela Michelle Sweatt, 44, of Lonoke.

Craig Orren Miller, 36, of Cabot to Amy Elaine Whitlock, 29, of Cabot.

Leander Joseph Flippo, 37, of DeValls Bluff to Jillian Dominic Bogard, 27, of Carlisle.

Joshua Morgan Sullivan, 37, of Lonoke to Stephanie Dawn Sullivan, 35, of Lonoke.

Brian Keith Scroggins, 29, of Jacksonville to Lauren Michelle Evans, 29, of Jacksonville.

Phillip N. Johnson, 43, of Lonoke to Pamela A. Johnson, 55, of Lonoke.

Roy Junior Bates, 71, of Cabot to Gail L. Bates, 60, of Cabot.

Christopher Doyel Schmidt, 28, of Cabot to Tera Faith Pilkington, 32, of Beebe.

Gilbert Eli Ruiz, 22, of Carlisle to Jessica Nicole Ruiz, 22, of Carlisle.

Craig Ryan Mills, 26, of Cabot to Nora Leann Hegedus, 29, of Cabot.

Robert Mark Burnett, 31, of Ward to Seattle Alexandria Ruth Foster, 18, of Ward.

Miles Alexander Jolliff, 24, of Cabot to Allex Cyndul Featherston, 23, of Cabot.

Jeffrey Ernest Krisell, 19, of England to Erin Ashley Scott, 19, of England.

Brendon Edward Nickles, 25, of Ward to Andrea Dyan Sanders, 22, of Ward.

Keith Michael Pasley, 26, of Carlisle to April Leann McEuen, 24, of Carlisle.

Marty Lynn Roberts, 36, of Jacksonville to Faith M. Perrine, 30, of Jacksonville.

Kenneth Wayne Morris, 43, of Hazen to Lorinda Suzanne Phillips, 36, of Hazen.

John Albert Budde, 44, of Cabot to Shawna L. Keith, 36, of Cabot.

Daniel J. Levecchia, 37, of Cabot to Jaime Ryan Guess, 32, of Cabot.

Anthony Michael Glover, 51, of Austin to Karolyn G. Stalnaker, 42, of Austin.

Joseph Anthony Milner, 28, of Austin to Merle Kaye Dodson, 29, of Austin.

Michael William Jackson, 41, of Lonoke to Natalie Joann Jackson, 36, of Lonoke.

Reginald Lamar Clemons, 32, of Cabot to Courtney Dalle Chambers, 33, of Lonoke.

Steven Lynn Walker, 23, of Cabot to Erica Sunshine Perry, 36, of Cabot.

Michael Todd Andrews, 38, of Cabot to April Renee Bachman, 34,of Cabot.

George Richard Whitsett, 40, of Carlisle to Holly Ann N Brixey, 24, of Carlisle.

Robert N Parker, 84, of Carlisle to Billie Ruth Rochelle, 83, of Lonoke.

Jerry Arthur Skaggs, 41, of Ward to Elizabeth Martha Donahue-Orlen, 41, of Ward.

Rodney Scott Roling, 43, of Lonoke to Lisa Kay Johnson, 45, of Cabot.

Jeffrey Eugene Long, 31, of Lonoke to Cassandra Dawn Orrick, 29, of Lonoke.

Zachary Shane Doran, 21, of Cabot to Heather R. Johnson, 22, of Cabot.

William Hutchison Pair, 51, of Cabot to Ellen Denise Boyette, 48, of Cabot.

William Sheridan Miller, 63, of Lonoke to Martha J. Perdue, 63, of North Little Rock.

Shannon Jay Ball, 37, of Lonoke to Elizabeth Denise Chadwell, 33, of Stuttgart.

Wesley Shane Springer, 30, of Cabot to Kristie Robin Murphy, 34, of Cabot.

Matthew Alexander Walters, 25, of Jacksonville to Carol Ann Hale, 22, of Jacksonville.

John Ambrose Barbuto, 34, of Cabot to Angela Christine Pool, 36, of Cabot.

Jimmy G. Pennington, 40, of Alexander to Tammi E. Pennington, 40, of Alexander.

Sean Perry Staples, 27, of Cabot to Keren Renae Williams, 20, of Cabot.

Nicholas Stephen McTague, 49, of Cabot to Melissa Gail Sellars, 52, of Cabot.

Todd Wayne Garland, 45, of Beebe to Tammy Renee Luna, 43, of Cabot.

Phillip D. Boyett, 38, of England to Tonya Nicole Capps, 33, of England.

Jacob Ryan Harris, 22, of Cabot to Rachel Lianne Passmore, 24, of Cabot.

James Nathan Odom, 31, of Jacksonville to Brandy Christine Royster, 31, of Jasper, AL.

Ryan David Oyen, 28, of Cabot to Jamie Linn Cole, 22,of Cabot.

David Terry Estes Jr., 28, of Cabot to Ashley Dawn Koeppler, 21, of Cabot.