Hello everyone and thank you for coming. Today, I’m not going to stand here and bore you with a long speech filled with words that no one knows the meaning of, mainly because my vocabulary isn’t that big but also because I know everyone is ready to celebrate.

First I would like to thank everyone who made this event possible. Thank you family and friends for supporting us in every way. Thank you teachers for sharing your time and knowledge with us. Thank you administration for keeping things running smoothly. And thank you to our community for always being behind us.

In high school you learn several things. You’re taught basic subjects like math, English, science, and history, but you also learn much more important things like hard work, dedication, teamwork, and discipline. You learn to succeed. A few years ago, when we first entered high school, it was scary. We were at the bottom of the totem pole. We worried about things like getting thrown into the sticker bushes or shoved in our lockers by the upperclassmen. But we grew with experience, both physically and mentally. We learned to set goals and overcame obstacles to achieve them.

This year we were the leaders here and today we are at the top of the totem pole. Soon, however, we will enter the real world and be back on the bottom. We will have to work our way to the top, as we did in high school. It may seem scary now, but knowing that we’ve done it before makes it a little less frightening.

As you go into the world remember what you learned in high school. We’ve learned what it takes to be successful so enjoy today knowing that you are well prepared for tomorrow. Congratulations classmates and good luck in the future.

Thank you.