Kaitlyn Rebidue, 10, of Cabot got the thrill of her hunting life Nov. 3 during a youth hunt.

She has been hunting with her father Jonathan for three years. On Nov. 3, they went to Hurricane Creek Gaming Ranch in Oxley. Shortly after sunrise, they Rebidues saw a 5-point buck but Kaitlyn couldn’t get a clean shot.

A while later, they saw a 7-point buck, which Kaitlyn took down with a Remington 243 rifle.

"With Kaitlyn in the lead, we tracked the buck 130 yards to its final resting place, where we had four first successful deer hunt celebration," Jonathan Rebidue said. "After a few pictures, a couple of end zone dances, lots of cleaning and a full belly, we returned to our hunting stand for some more father-daughter bonding."

Jonathan Rebidue said they noticed another buck, a 10-pointer, coming towards them.

"Without hesistation, Kaitlyn finds her target and squeezes," her father said. "Once again, it’s a perfect shot and Kaitlyn’s second buck of the day has just rested 40 yards away.

"Kaitly immediatley turned to me with the biggest smile on her face and said ‘daddy, let’s go get him."

Jonathan Rebidue said he hugged his daughter, wiped away tears and collected the second trophy buck of the day.