The Cabot Junior High North Panthers kept their hopes for first place alive with a 13-10 overtime win over the Conway Blue Wampus Cats.

Easton Seidl’s touchdown was North’s only score in regulation, while one defensive breakdown helped the Wampus Cats get their score.

At the end of regulation and facing fourth-and-six in the red zone, the Wampus Cats went for a game-winning field goal. The kicker almost missed the ball completely as the game went into overtime.

Conway got the ball first and drove down to a fourth-and-goal from the one situation. Instead of trying to punch it in with their 6’2, 210 pound quarterback, Conway brought in the kicker. He was able to squeak this one through and give the Cats a 10-7 advantage.

North’s offensive line took over on Cabot’s possession, quickly driving into the end zone for Seidl to blast through for the game winner.

"I was pretty pleased they didn’t go for it and kicked the field goal instead," said coach Danny Spencer. "They’ve got a big kid back there, but they also do everything out of the shotgun, and there’s a lot that can go wrong."

Conway Blue had been hot offensively, but the Panthers’ defense was stout all night.

"Our defense rose up and held them," said Spencer. "Eric Larsen and Kale Eddington had great games."

Larsen made 14 tackles from his linebacker spot, while Eddington, a safety, came up for six tackles.

"We need to win out and let the chips fall where they may," said Spencer. "We need some help, but we’re still in it."