Some athletes head to college with no real plan, they just know the sport they’ll be playing and will start with a tentative major and plan for the future.

That doesn’t really describe Codee Park.

Park starts for the Cabot Lady Panthers’ soccer team, one of the better teams in the state. She’ll continue to play soccer when she attends Southern Virginia University next year, but that isn’t what drew her there.

Park was raised as Mormon and excels at playing piano. Those were the two main factors that brought her to the liberal arts college in Buena Vista, Va.

"They have an excellent music program and it is Mormon-owned," said Park. "I went to get into music therapy that helps autistic kids."

Getting to play soccer while she’s there is just a bonus.

"I’ve played soccer since I was 3 or 4," Park said. "It is going to be great to be able to keep playing."

Park was also accepted to Lyon and the University of Hawaii. She didn’t want to attend a Mormon college as large as Brigham Young, so the strong music programs at Southern Virginia was a major factor that eventually won her over.

For the Lady Panthers, Park has brought her work ethic to both sides of the field as a top defender and one of the better scorers.

"Codee is just a great kid," said Cabot coach Kerry Castillo. "She constantly brings that positive energy to the team. She’s really been a leader for us on and off the field."