NLR Football

Team ready to play Friday night

By Bruce Guthrie


The North Little Rock Charging Wildcats are hitting the ground running with their opening opponent.

Brad Bolding’s club opens the 2012 season on the road at Lake Hamilton, a perennial state championship contender.

"They are going to be a good test for us," Bolding said. "They are well coached and they play hard. Year in and year out they have a good football team."

Bolding said he will start the season with two quarterbacks, Peyton Holmes and Heath Lamb.

"Neither have separated themselves," Bolding said. "We are probably gonna go a couple of weeks and see how it works out."

Bolding said Holmes, a junior, has a better grasp of the offense while Lamb who is a sophomore is a more consistent thrower.

"We will switch them out about every other series," said Bolding. "They’ve got to be able to run the offense and lead this team."

Lead the team and get the ball into the hands of the playmakers.

Altee Tenpenney got three carries against Conway last week taking the first one 43 yards down to the one. Juwan Day also had a 50-plus yard touchdown run.

"We have the playmakers," Bolding said, "but if we don’t have the play up front, it doesn’t matter."

Bolding held out three offensive linemen in the Conway scrimmage, but said they should be o.k. to play this week against Lake Hamilton.

"Key is going to be maintaining our blocks," Bolding said.

the Charging Wildcats have something to prove in 2012. The goal is to be mentioned in the elite conversation.

Proving themselves worthy would get a good start with a win at Lake Hamilton.


The North Little Rock Charging Wildcats have something on defense that should pay immediate dividends come Friday—experience.

Head coach Brad Bolding has seven returning starters on his defense mostly in the defensive line and the secondary.

"They are all three-year starters," Bolding said. "Definitely a strength of our team."

Lake Hamilton runs a lot of motion and mixes and matches in their formations meaning experience is key in how the North Little Rock defenders react.

"They move a lot," Bolding said. "How we adjust to what they do is going to be critical."


Jonesboro head coach Randy Coleman did an interview on 103.9 the game in Jonesboro and was asked about the types of players his Hurricanes would face in the upcoming season.

Coleman not only mentioned standout Altee Tenpenney, Coleman pointed out that the the Charging Wildcats’ Alambama commit isn’t the only weapon.

"They got Tenpenny," Coleman said, "and about 10 other college prospects."

Jonesboro plays North Little Rock in week six.

Game Ticket

North Little Rock at Lake Hamilton