The Cabot Panthers lost 6-5 in a shootout after finishing scoreless in regulation at Mountain Home last week.

The Panthers were able to restrict Mountain Home to sporadic attacks but the Panthers struggled to create a clear-cut scoring chance.

"I did not think we deserved to lose, but then again I cannot honestly say we did enough to win it tonight," Cabot coach Steve Porter said. "We kept possession really well, and defensively had really little to do, but the despite that we struggled to turn our dominance into scoring opportunities."

Porter said when a game ends in penalty kicks, the potential for a loss is big.

"Penalty kicks are a quick, fair way to determine a result — but they do not accurately reflect who the better soccer team was," he said. "Credit goes to Mountain Home for remaining disciplined and focused for such long periods without the ball, but the result ultimately was less about what they achieved, and more a result of what we failed to achieve."

Porter said the reason for the difficulty in the final third of the field is due to the Panthers’ lack of experience.

"Six of the 11 starters are only sophomores. However, I feel I must take much of the responsibility for their lack of creativity," Porter said. "I need to do a better job in practice of helping them see their options and become better problem solvers."