The Cabot Panthers dropped a second consecutive conference game in penalty kicks, losing to Little Rock Central last week at Quigley Stadium in Little Rock

The score was tied 2-2 at the end of regulation. The Tigers won 4-3 in penalty kicks.

An open game saw Cabot come from behind twice to tie Central in regulation. Goals were scored by Daniel Silva, assisted by Evan Wilson, and Kyle Edgar, assisted by Trevor Reed. The loss puts Cabot at 1-3 in the 7A/6A-East conference and 2-7-1 overall.

"I feel really badly for the boys," Cabot coach Steve Porter said. "You look at our record and you could argue that we are just not a strong team, that we lack size, strength and experience; but when you look closer at the results and the performances, you see how close we are to being undefeated."

All of the Panthers’ losses have been by one goal or in penalty kicks.

In almost every game we have out-possessed our opponents and created enough chances to win the game," Porter said. "Against Mountain Home, they were barely able to get the ball out of their end of the field, but managed not to concede a goal and then won on pk’s. Tonight we hit the post twice, missed on open goal, and had at least two shots from point blank range saved that you thought were certain to go in.

"We conceivably could have scored seven or eight goals. Even in penalty kicks we had chances to win."

Cabot made its first three shots in the shootout. If they had made either of their next two score then the Panthers would have won.

"Unfortunately, we failed to score on our next four attempts and put Central back in a position to win it, which they did," Porter said. "We will live and learn from this experience. What I really like about this group of guys is that they have a great attitude and a willingness to work hard and learn. A state playoff berth is still attainable, but it is going to require a lot of hard work … and a little bit of luck wouldn’t go amiss either."