The Cabot Panthers had no problems in their first conference game of the season, wiping out the Marion Patriots 9-0.

"I believe this team has an opportunity to win a conference championship this year," said Cabot coach Steven Porter. "We still have a long way to go, but I think we’re capable of winning our next 11 games, even though some of those will be tough."

Trevor Reed had another outstanding game for the Panthers. Reed led Cabot with three goals and added three assists. Evan Wilson had a pair of goals, while Fabian Knoell, Cameron Stokes, Zach Launius and Grant Bell all had goals as well.

"In practice, we’ve worked on playing a little more direct and taking fewer chances in the back," said Porter. "I think we executed that game plan quite well against Marion."

Within the first 25 minutes of the game, Cabot’s starters had already built a comfortable 6-0 lead. The Panthers finished the game with all reserves on the field and still never came close to allowing a goal.

"One of my goals at Cabot is to help build a soccer program that can compete for conference championships every year and hold our own against the elite teams in the state," Porter said. "There is a lot of work still to do, but with the help of the community and the administration, I think it is achievable."