The Cabot Panthers got a much-needed win, beating West Memphis 6-0 last week. The victory came after two consecutive overtime losses.

Goals were scored by Kyle Edgar, Trevor Reed, Evan Wilson, Daniel Silva, Blakelin Devore and Christian Santos.

Cabot led 5-0 at half but did not score the final goal until the final minutes of the game when freshman Santos scored his first goal in a varsity game.

"Realistically, we did what we were supposed to do by beating West Memphis," Cabot coach Steve Porter said. "There were parts of our game that I thought looked good, but I think we will get a better guage of how far we have come on Tuesday against Jonesboro."

Porter said he liked being able to give more players time on the pitch.

"From my standpoint, it was pleasing to see a consistency in our style of play," he said. "Once the starters came out, we still managed to possess the ball in the same manner and create a wealth of scoring opportunities. Disappointingly, however, we did not do a good job of converting those opportunities. It took us 20 minutes to score five goals with the starters in, but almost 60 minutes to score an additional goal with the starters out."

Porter said his team’s focus now is the remaining conference schedule.

"In order to advance to the state tournament we must win out," he said. "I believe the players are capable of doing just that. What we need to do is remain calm and focused, and establish our style of play on our opponents. If we pass the ball well, move intelligently off the ball, remain organized defensively, and most importantly, finish our opportunities then we will win out. Our fate lies in our own hands."