The Central Arkansas Swim League recently held their Meet of Champs with several Cabot Piranhas swimmers competing and performing well.

The Meet of Champs featured the swimmers with the top times from all teams in the league. Sherwood, Conway, Lakewood, Saline County, Otter Creek, Maumelle and Lonoke were all represented. The massive and loaded Sherwood and Saline County teams made it hard for the others to break through and win their events.

Cabot got its first first place time in the girls 7-8 freestyle when Kendal LeQuieu won the silver race with a personal best gold time.

Jessica Bongfeldt got the next win with the top time in the 9-10 freestyle gold race, winning by just a tenth of a second.

The boys got their first win when Maxton Wilson won the 6-under backstroke bronze race with a gold time. Annie Thomas won the girls 6-under silver with a gold time as well. Still in the backstroke, Ashlea Dwiggins won the 9-10 silver race by less than a tenth of a second.

Switching to breaststroke, Grant Goodnight had the best time of the day of all 6-under swimmers by winning the platinum race. Annie Thomas took another win in the girls 6-under gold race.

Maddux Bowen won the 7-8 boys gold race with the best time of the day.

For the 7-8 girls, Carly Madar won gold with a platinum time. Bongfeldt got another win in the platinum race.

Joshua Breedlove got Cabot’s first win in the boys 7-8 butterfly in the silver race. In the girls 9-10 platinum race, Kyla Genenbacher put up the top time of the meet.

In the boys 7-8 IM, Maddux Bowen added another top time in the gold race. Graayson Goddard gave Cabot a first in the boys 9-10 silver race.

As the meet transitioned to the team relay races, Cabot got a first place in the girls 9-10 freestyle relay thanks to Charlotte Ball, Sarah Breedlove, Genenbacher and Bongfeldt.

The girls 15-18 freestyle relay team narrowly defeated Saline County for the final relay win of the day. Jessie Baldwin, Haylee Beckley, Katie Frederick and Caytee Wright were four seconds faster than their seed time.

The older swimmers began their individual events next, with Jason Bongfeldt winning the boys 11-12 freestyle silver race. Ben Cameron won the 13-14 boys gold race, while John Santiago won the 15-18 boys gold. Kyle Beckley took the 15-18 bronze.

In the backstroke, Tristen Bowen won the 11-12 boys platinum. Cameron won another race, taking the 13-14 gold with a platinum time.

The girls backstroke saw Izzy Franks win the 13-14 silver.

Moving to breaststroke, Bowen won another platinum for the 11-12 boys. Caytee Wright won the 13-14 girls gold race with a platinum time.

Starting the butterfly races, Bowen won his third race with a platinum time in the boys 11-12 gold race. Rachel Sweeney won the 11-12 girls gold butterfly. Hunter Carmical took the win for the 13-14 boys with a gold time in the silver race. In the girls 15-18 bronze race, Chelbi Dulin took first.

Bowen continued his dominance in the 11-12 boys individual medley with the top time in the platinum division, while Sweeney won the 11-12 girls gold race.

Melanie Abbot won the 13-14 girls IM gold race for the Cabot Piranhas final win of the meet.