The Cabot Piranhas swim team enjoyed another successful meet this past weekend, finishing second behind the Saline County Barracudas, but far ahead of the Conway Crocodiles thanks to some solid individual performances.

In the freestyle races, Grant Goodnight won the 6-under boys gold division race to start Cabot’s day. Maddux Bowen finished first in the gold for the 7-8 boys, while Carly Madar won the girls 7-8 gold and Kassey Daugherty was first in the silver division.

The 9-10 boys had two winners with Andrew Deese in the silver and Greyson Goddard in the bronze division. Tristen Bowen finished first in the 11-12 boys bronze. The 9-10 girls gold was won by Kyla Genenbacher, while the bronze first went to Emma Havel. The 11-12 girls saw Dena Hallum take first in the silver.

Ben Cameron won the 13-14 boys gold, while John Santiago won the 15-18 gold. The 13-14 girls had Catyee Wright win the platinum and Melanie Abbott win the gold. Aeriel Lane won the 15-18 gold.

Cabot had another good start after switching to backstroke with Goodnight winning the 6-under gold again. Madar won the 7-8 girls gold, while Daugherty won the silver.

For the 9-10 girls, Jessica Bongfeldt won the platinum, while Ashlea Dwiggins won the silver and Genenbacher took first for the bronze. Rachel Sweeney won first for the 11-12 platinum, while Hallum won the gold race.

Cameron was the top gold swimmer for the 13-14 boys, while Hunter Carmical won the silver. Payton Jones won the 15-18 gold. In the 13-14 girls, Wright earned first in the platinum. The 15-18 girls saw Jessie Baldwin win the platinum and Andie Weaver win in the silver.

Freestyle relays came next, with the Piranhas winning both the boys and girls 18-under races. The boys team of Payton Jones, Brent Brockel, John Santiago and Seth Fox beat Saline County by just two tenths of a second to take first. The girls team of Catyee Wright, Jessie Baldwin, Katie Frederick and Aeriel Lane had an easier time winning their race.

Moving to the breaststroke events, Goodnight won the platinum for the 6-under boys, while Ramsey Hanle won the bronze with a platinum qualifying time. Bowen won the gold race for the 7-8 boys. For the 7-8 girls, Emmalee Crow won the silver race, with Kassey Daugherty just a tenth of a second behind for second place.

The 11-12 boys had two winners with Bowen winning the platinum and Jason Bongfeldt winning the gold with a platinum time. Jessica Bongfeldt won the 9-10 platinum, while Genenbacher took the gold race and Emily Lynch the silver. Rachel Montanaro won the gold for the 11-12 girls.

The older swimmers kept their strong day going with Carmical winning the gold for the 13-14 boys. Santiago won the platinum for the 15-18 boys, while Fox took the gold and Brockel won the silver. The girls saw Abbott win the 13-14 platinum race, while Baldwin was on top of the 15-18 platinum. Frederick won the bronze with a gold qualifying time.

The final stroke of the day - the butterfly - began with Maddux Bowen winning the 7-8 boys silver race with a platinum time. Grace Esteban won the 7-8 bronze for Cabot with a gold time.

Bowen and Tyce Wright gave Cabot a pair of firsts for the 11-12 boys with Bowen winning the gold and Wright the silver. The 9-10 girls were swept by Cabot, with Genenbacher winning the platinum, Bongfeldt the gold and Havel the bronze. The lone silver swimmer was from Saline County and was disqualified.

In the 11-12 girls races, Sweeney came through with a gold win for Cabot, along with a silver win by Genenbacher. The 13-14 boys saw Cameron win the silver race and Carmical take first in the bronze. Santiago won the gold for the 15-18 boys, while Fox won the bronze with a platinum time.

The teenage Cabot girls got a silver win from Abbott in the 13-14 division. Baldwin won the 15-18 gold, while Lane won her silver race by a full two seconds.

The individual medley races wrapped up the meet at Conway. Cabot’s first win came win Bowen took the platinum race for the 11-12 boys. Bongfeldt won the gold, while Dylan Skinner won the bronze. Carmical won the gold for the 13-14 boys, while Noah Joyner won the gold for the 15-18 boys.

The girls finished the day’s events with Madar winning the 7-8 bronze race with a gold time. Bongfeldt won the 9-10 gold, while Sweeney took gold in the 11-12 race. Hallum won the 11-12 silver. For the 13-14 girls, Abbot was Cabot’s top point-earner with a gold win. Wright was a little under her personal best, taking second in the platinum. Cabot had three wins in the 15-18 groups, with Baldwin winning the platinum race, Lane taking the gold and Frederick winning the bronze.