The Cabot Lady Panthers soccer team is sending yet another player to college, with Jessica Souza signing with Lyon College Monday afternoon.

Souza is the third Lady Panther to sign her letter of intent in the last two weeks, with more to come.

"This isn’t just great for the girls, but it is great for the Cabot program," said Cabot coach Kerry Castillo. "The younger girls on the team and the girls in junior high and younger see this and they can see what they have a chance to do here."

As a dominant scorer, Souza was going to have a chance to play beyond high school, it was just a matter of where she chose to go. But for Souza, Lyon was always her top pick.

"I went to soccer camps at UCA and ASU, but I wouldn’t get to focus on my academics as much there," said Souza. "I’m looking at pre-med programs and Lyon is a great school with a beautiful campus. The chance to play soccer too is just an amazing bonus."

Souza will likely help the Lyon team right away as a freshman next year. The team has shown a strong defense, but has been lacking true scorers.

"Jessica is what I call a ‘danger player,’" said Castillo. "The other team has to know where she is at all times. Last year, teams started keeping two girls around her at all times, but she’s still been really successful. She’s that kind of good."

Souza’s speed and dribbling are two of her biggest strengths, and two things that usually set her apart from almost anyone else on the field with her.

"Breaking free and dribbling past a player for a goal is the funnest thing ever. I can’t even describe it," said Souza. "You get the feeling that all the hard work and conditioning has paid off. Soccer can be a little slow for people at times, but when you get that chance and score, it is the most exciting feeling in the world."