The Carlisle Altruistic Club held its regular meeting April 9 at the home of Dorothy Elmore.

The meeting was called to order by President Carolyn Martin with 16 members present for the meeting; six were unable to attend. Charlotte Bennett lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Secretary Ruth Woods called the attendance and read the minutes of the last meeting. Dorothy Elmore gave the treasurers report.

The new business began with selection of two recipients for the $250 Book Scholarships. Eight Carlisle seniors applied for the award and the decision to pick just two was very difficult. Each student was required to write an essay covering why they would like to have the award. They also had to give information such as grade point average, class ranking, ACT score and field of study. The recipients of the awards will be announced during the awards ceremony at Carlisle High School.

Jan Pasley reported that the District President Hazel Swilley was recovering from her recent surgery and was looking forward to getting back into regular attendance at the meetings.

Continuing in new business was the discussion of the GFWC District meeting held at the First Baptist Church in Carlisle. Thirty-five members were in attendance to represent the three different clubs in town. The Carlisle Altruistic Club received five awards during the meeting: first place for Education and Community Service; First Place for International Outreach; First Place for Home Life and Community Service; First Place for Conservation; Second Place for scrapbook.

District President-elect Jan Pasley opened topics of discussion for the upcoming GFWC Spring Conference to be held at the Wyndham Hotel in North Little Rock on May 2-4. Volunteers were asked to help with the decorating for the Friday and Saturday night meetings. Francis Perkins and Sandi Tarter volunteered to help with the Friday night decoration ans Pasley volunteered to help Ann Lenderman and Cathy Williams of the Carlisle Progressive club with the Saturday night decorations.

Martin shared a letter received from the Carlisle Public Library asking for club assistance for the Summer Reading Program this year. Pasley suggested a donation of $200 be given to help with expenses such as Magic Mr. Nick, Museum of Discovery and Australian Science.

The meeting adjourned with the reading of the Club Collect. Members enjoyed refreshments and conversation.

The next meeting will be April 30 in the home of Jan Pasley.