Carlisle Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) was held Oct. 21 at the old Carlisle band room.

The theme for the meeting was Fall. Lynnette Ward from the Carlisle Public Library told several stories and taught them finger plays and songs.. The children then planted magical pumpkin seeds and before the meeting concluded they had grown pumpkins! The children enjoyed fall counting activities as well as playing a pumpkin toss game and predicating how many seeds was in the pumpkin.

The next group meeting was scheduled for Nov. 18. The topic will be Native Americans.

November meeting

The November HIPPY meeting was held Nov. 18, 2013 at the old Carlisle Band room. The topic was on Native Americans. The children enjoyed visiting with an Indian Chief (Keith Woodall). Lynnette Ward from the Carlisle Public Library read stories about Native Americans. She taught the children to grind corn and they got to do an Indian dance around a pretend campfire. They then broke out into centers. They made Indian headbands with 3 feathers and decorated them with shapes of different colors. The children used their patterning skills. They also made teepees out of paper sacks. They enjoyed a tasting activity by planting a piece of candy corn with a gummy fish for fertilizer in Oreo cookie crumbs for dirt.

Those attending were Tessa Sanders, Jessalynn Arkless, Gracen Ingle, Luke Caviness, Sawyer Stephenson, Will Corter Fisher Thaxton, Baylor Hauk, Gracie Campbell, Kylie McClain, Kimora Bogard, and Summer Parks.

At the end of the meeting an appreciation gift was handed out as well as treat bags for the kids.

HIPPY is a home-based education program for children ages three, four, and five years old. For further information call Sherry Evans at 501-676-0121.

The next meeting will be held Dec. 16 with a special visitor attending.