The Carlisle Altruistic Club met Nov 7 at the Carlisle Senior Citizen Center. Pat Hogan was the program leader. Raquel Danko, Amanda Barker, and Carla Williams from the Lonoke Baptist Health Clinic were the guest.

Hogan served cake, ice creams and snacks to the members and guest.

Danko was the speaker. She spoke about the difference between men’s and women’s heart attacks. She reported on ways to be healthy. She answered questions that the members had about heart problems.

President Carolyn Martin called the meeting to order. Charlotte Bennett led the pledge of allegiance. Ruth Woods called the roll and read the minutes of the previous meeting.

The end of the year reports were discussed. The next meeting will be Dec 5 to set up the nativity scene at the Bancorp South Bank. The collect was lead by Mary Smith. The meeting was adjourned.