BancorpSouth customers and other general banking customers should be aware of a new phishing scam directed at obtaining banking information from individuals.

Phishing is a form of Internet fraud that aims to steal personal information such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, user identifications and passwords.

According to a press release from BancorpSouth in Tupelo, Miss., the automated calls typically give the pretext of activating a debit card and ask the recipients to provide their debit or credit card number and person identification number for identification purposes. The message also generally will mention that the card number for the recipient has been deactivated in an effort to have the recipient make contact through a telephone number or website to provide the card information.

One Carlisle resident Leigh Ann Tustison said her 13-year-old daughter received the call on her cell phone. Tustison said fortunately her husband was already aware of the scam and told their daughter to just hang up. She said although they do not have any accounts at BancorpSouth, the threat is still out there for everyone.

"Its scary because sometimes at that age they think they are being helpful and could give out information that they should not because they just have access to more now days than we did growing up," Tustison said.

On Tuesday morning, Janet Pasley, executive vice president of BancorpSouth in Carlisle, said she was unable to comment on the phishing activity in the Carlisle area.

At this time, local residents who reportedly to have received these calls include those with the telephone prefixes of 940, 830, 920 and 378.

In the event consumers become suspicious about a call received regarding their debit or credit cards, they should contact BancorpSouth’s Customer Service Center at 870-797-7711 or a BancorpSouth office before to providing any information.