By Priscilla Campbell

Staff Writer

The Carlisle City Council approved a $1 increase for mosquito control and leaf/limb pickup during it’s meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 18, at the Carlisle Civic Center.

Currently, the city charges $3 per a month for each service on residential water bills, now the charge will be $4 per a month per a residential household.

Mayor Ray Glover said the city went over budget in mosquito spraying, so the increase is needed.

"We aren’t trying to make money, but [we] don’t want to lose money," Glover said.

The ordinance states the city in the last few years has experienced an increase in cost of chemicals and labor to provide mosquito control and it’s believed it can’t continue

Mosquito control without an increase in revenue.

Alderman W.H. Kittler, mosquito control chairman, said mosquito control is needed for the health of citizens, and so if citizens want mosquito control, the increase is needed.

For leaf/limb pickup, Glover said the price of gasoline has increased, so an increase is also needed for that service. The ordinance states the funds will help defray the cost of providing chipping of limbs,

Vacuum of leaves from residential and commercial areas within the city and replacement and maintenance of equipment.

"I think $4 is a bargain," Kittler said.

In other business, the council approved:

• An ordinance to adopt the 2011 Arkansas Energy Code.

City attorney Mike Stuart said the code requires energy efficient appliances installed in new construction structure. Stuart said it’s mandated that three copies must be located at city hall, so people have access to a copy of the code.

• The 2013 budget, which includes a three percent raise for all city employees, expect Glover, Drye and the alderman, a new police car and a part-time court clerk at the district court. Judge Joe Svoboda explained the part-time clerk is 15 hours per a week with a salary, but no benefits.

He said currently court is held at night, so the court clerk receives overtime pay, so the part-time position would allow the full-time clerk time off during the day. Ward also said a public works employee left a couple of months ago, so he is looking at replacement.

• A resolution allocating sales tax proceeds to be used for city proposes. The resolution gives five percent of proceeds to the streets fund and 95

percent of proceeds to the general fund. City clerk Trudy Drye said the reallocating is need, because when money is put into the street fund, the money can only be used for street use.

So, she said, the auditors said the city needed to cut back proceeds going into the street fund.

The council heard department updates.

Bids for a new law enforcement building will be opened at 2 p.m. on Dec. 31. The council rejected all bids in November due to the high bids that ranged from $798,000 to $1,000,000.

Glover said changes were made to the construction plans to lower the cost of the building. Some changes, Glover said, were taking out high tech items, such as an eye monitor to open doors were taken out of the project.

"If [we] get a good bid we will start building a new building at the first of the year," Glover said.

Glover said bids need to come in at about $450,000. He said the city still needs money to furnish the building, but there might be district court money earmarked for concern items, such as computers.

Civic center/parks director Ronnie Ashmore told the council over 50 children signed up to play in the youth basketball program and currently will play teams from Lonoke and England. Ashmore said the season starts Jan. 5.

Ashmore said Mothers for Education would handle the concession stand by buying supplies and working at the stand and the city would receive 25 percent of the profit. The council told Ashmore the city needs a contract with the organization.

Ashmore said several events are booked at the civic center beginning in the New Year.

Alderman Anne Anderson said she heard complaints of limbs not being picked up. Public Works director Jeff Ward responded two trucks were down, but he was getting one of the trucks back and said the council the limbs would all be picked up. Ward also said some limbs couldn’t go into the chipper, so employees have to pick up the limbs with a backhoe.

Currently, Glover said, 32 airplanes are stationed at the airport and the city is proud of the process of the airport and the commissioners are doing a great job.

He said another T-hanger is needed at the airport.

Anderson said it takes three months to get the paper recycle compactor, located on Third Street, filled up and weekends are the biggest use. She told the council she read an article that stated all cities and counties would eventually be required to provide recycle bins for items such as plastic and aluminum item.

Glover let council members know he has heard complaints of stray dogs and cats and asked all citizens to please call the police department at 870-552-3687 if have complaints about spray animals and not the animal control officer directly.

Glover thanked alderman Joe Cunningham for his years of service on the city council. Cunningham, absent from the meeting, is being replaced by Chad Bennett.

The next council meeting will be at 6 p.m. on Jan. 15 at the Carlisle Civic Center.