The Carlisle City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday night to reject all bids received on Oct. 30 for the new police and court complex building.

Eight bids were received, the highest from Bradford Scruggs of Maumelle at $1 million dollars and the lowest from AMB General Contractors of North Little Rock at $798,000.

According to Mayor Ray Glover, the city only has $450,000 to spend on the construction, putting the current bids double the limited amount. The council was overwhelmed by the bidding outcome.

Carlisle Chief of Police Eric Frank said from his understanding, part of the additional cost which wasn’t expected was from retina scanners, surveillance system and high electronic doors which were put into the specs last minute by Architect Ray Lindsey’s engineers during the bidding process. Frank said he inquired about a few items, but nothing like the items included in the specifications. He said others cost that could be cut to get the building into the proper price range could be making the cells into regular cells instead of safe rooms and replacing the electronic gate to the sally port with a standard gate.

"There are a bunch of things we looked at that could cut the overall cost of the building," Frank said.

The council plans to rebid the specs of the building once adjustments have been made to the plans. Glover said the only additional cost to the city for rebidding the project will be the advertisement in the newspaper.

Glover said inmates with the Arkansas Department of Correction continue to clear the site of the old city hall and court building in preparation for the construction. He said of the buildings have been tore down and they are down to removing the brick.

According to Parks and Recreation director Ronnie Ashmore, basketball registration continues. He said there are currently 49 students signed up for basketball and some teams are beginning to practice. For more information on youth basketball contact city hall at 870-552-9420.

Planning Commission Chairman Richard Litwa presented a proposal before the council to rezone the property on the new Bobby L. Glover Highway to business. Litwa said a public meeting was held Nov. 8 to discuss the rezoning of the highway. During the meeting, he said the main concerns were separation between existing property and new business. Information on permitted use, restrictions and buffers were handed out to all those attending the meeting. Litwa said there was discussion of the agricultural/preservation areas along the highway, which had no restrictions. According to Litwa, the board and those attending were all in agreement that rezoning the Bobby Glover Highway would be a good move for the future of Carlisle and also to protect the agriculture/preservation areas.

The council voted unanimously to rezone the properties for business according to the recommendation of the zoning board.

Also during the meeting, the council voted unanimously to approve all municipal invoices and to keep the current loaner copier provided by Business World until the lease agreement terminates.

The next city council meeting will be at 6 p.m. on Dec. 18 in the Civic Center.