Joe Cunningham

How long have you lived in the area?

I have been a resident of the City of Carlisle since the mid 1950’s when my family moved from our Lonoke County farm.

How many City Council meetings have you missed in the past year?

I have missed one council meeting due to business out of town.

Why do you want to retain public office?

I would like to be part of the successful completion of the building projects started in our city; continue to work with the Water and Sewer Department as our council addresses the issues of this essential city service; work with other elected officials for the betterment of the city in a responsible and affordable manner.

What qualifications do you have that enable you to meet the responsibilities of the office?

Nine and one-half years as a city alderman; 25 years service as a volunteer fireman; Arkansas Municipal League certification as an elected city official; 45 years in business and land development in Carlisle and Lonoke County.

I offer a "voice of reasoning" in that I ask the tough questions regarding city expenditures.

What do you believe to be the most important issue facing this office?

Responsible and transparent continued funding of the city’s essential services. Essential services are the police, fire, water and sewer departments.

How are you meeting the issue?

As a council member our responsibility is to pass laws and approve and oversee the budget. The mayor’s responsibility is to prepare the budget and the council is responsible to oversee the budget. I am meeting the funding issue by working with our mayor, other council members and department heads. Having sound essential services is a top priority in order for our city to grow.