Carlisle Mayor Ray Glover decides to change the city observation date of Halloween this year to Nov. 1 during the city council meeting on July 15.

According to Glover, Alderman Chad Bennett called him regarding celebrating Halloween on the Saturday before the actual day that Halloween falls on. Bennett said that many parents spoke to him in favor of Changing the date. He suggested trying it this year, on Saturday, Oct. 25, and seeing how it works out. Since Halloween falls on a Friday this year, Bennett said that it would also conflict with the high school football game.

Alderwoman Ann Anderson said she spoke with several of the older residents of the City, and that they did not see the need to change the night for Halloween. Bennett said he is representing the younger age group in town, and has spoken with approximately 100 people who were in favor of the idea. He said that a petition circulated the previous year, and received over 100 signatures. By the time the petition was signed, however, it was too close to Halloween, so it was decided not to move forward with the change.

Alderman Mike Walker then asked if the mayor could not authorized the change without a Council vote or ordinance. Glover said this year he will probably change it to the Saturday night after Halloween because of the football game. The council then discussed doing it on the Saturday after Halloween and getting it off of football night. Glover said the he would make the change to the date of the holiday this year. Since Halloween is on Saturday next year, and Sunday the year after, the Council decided to table the issue and discuss it further at a later date.

In other business, Glover informed the council that City Attorney Stuart had approved the contract, proposed by Verizon, for the construction of a cellular tower at Rock Island Park. Glover said that Verizon would pay the City rent of $9600 per year, and that it would keep the flag on the tower maintained and replace it as necessary. According to Glover, it would probably be September before the tower is erected. By unanimous vote, the council authorize Mayor Glover to sign the contract with Verizon for erection of the cellular phone tower.

Bids for the new city park splash pad are it, according to Parks and Recreation Director Ronnie Ashmore, who said bids on the project ranged from $30,000 to $149,000. Glover said the city has applied for and received a $15,000 matching grant for the project, so the money is available to pay for it.

Aldermen questioned Public Works Superintendent Jeff Ward about the water source for the splash pad and what would happen to the used water. Ward said that he would probably come off of the water line adjacent to Fourth Street. He also said once plans are submitted to the Health Department, they would be responsible for making the determination as to whether or not the water had to go into the sewer system.

The council voted unanimously to accept the bid of RJR Enterprises for the construction of a splash pad at the City Park.

Ashmore mentioned he is having new roofs put on the Community Center [Old Gym] and the other buildings at the parks. He said they would being paid for with funds obtained by Representative Walls McCrary. He said that the roofs will be all the same color metal.

Civic Center

Ashmore reported that the Civic Center has been extremely busy, and has had events for the last five weekends. He said that rentals had just started slowing down. When asked about rental income, Ashmore reported that the Civic Center had taken in approximately $4000 so far this year. Ashmore said that income had slowed down slightly versus last year, but that it was partially due to having lowered the usage fees. He said that he thought that the lower fees had helped increase the number of rentals, and that people were now renting it for longer periods at a time.

Bids opened at noon July 15, for pavement overlays on some streets. Glover said the City was looking at laying approximately 500 tons of asphalt. Glover said that Cranford Construction had bid $85.61/ton, and Red Stone had bid $100/ton. He said that Ricky Sumner had taken measurements on the streets they planned to resurface, and figured that it would cost approximately $39,000 for the project. Glover said that the City has about $20,000 in bond money available, and that they would need to take about another $20,000 out of the street fund. He said that the money is already available in the account.

In a unanimous vote, the council accepted the bid of Cranford Construction of $85.61 per ton for street overlays.

Ward said the Health Department had recently come and completed a sanitary survey of the city water distribution system. He said the results showed a cumulative water loss of 18 percent over the past several years. Ward said the Health Department determined the water loss has jumped an additional 18 percent for a total water loss of 36 percent.

According to Ward, the City’s engineer, Jeremy Stone,said a water meter could lose 20 percent of its accuracy over ten years. He said Stone recommended changing out all water meters that are over ten years old. In addition, Ward said that the Health Department told him everything needs to be metered including all city-owned buildings and facilities.

Ward also said Stone has checked on rock reed filters and reported that the prices have gone up. He said he has received bids from two companies for cost of replacing a filter. Ward said a company out of Rosebud had bid $87,000, while a company in Conway had bid $108,000. No action was taken by the council.

Police Chief Eric Frank said there had been some additional problems obtaining the locking hardware for the jail doors. He said that once the door hardware is changed out, the facility will ready for inspection. Alderman Bennett asked about the status of the new patrol cars. Frank reported that he’d not heard anything more from the dealership, and that as far as he knew they were still at the factory.

WCA Waste Corporation is now providing trash pickup in Carlisle, according to Glover. Glover said he has noticed the company canisters are beginning to be placed in Eastwood. Glover then signed a five-year contract with WCA, which was approved by the Council at a prior meeting.

Alderwoman Ann Anderson reported that the city still has a paper compactor, but the company is still trying to get the City to purchase it and take over its care and upkeep. She said residents are wondering what recycling would cost through WCA, especially in the event the city loses its paper recycling capability. Alderman Mike Walker said many people in town can’t afford to keep paying more money for city services. He said it was proven by the low to moderate income study, 70 percent of the city’s residents are low to moderate income. Walker said that an additional $3 to $4 per month would place a burden on elderly residents living on fixed incomes. No action was taken by the council.

Alderman W.H. Kittler was absent from the meeting.

The next city council meeting will be at 6 p.m. on Aug. 19 in the Civic Center.