Denise Brown, former Lonoke County Circuit Clerk, is running for the Republican nomination for the position.

"When previously elected, my goals were to serve you more efficiently," she said. "My leadership of organizing, updating and automating existing technology provided a more accessible office. A few of these accomplishments were: developed a web-site, added e-mail capabilities for all Circuit Clerk staff, redesigned the floor plan of the ìrecordingî office to maximize public access, and utilized the A.O.C. (Administrative Office of the Courts) jury program to stream-line jury orientation. Some, not all, of these changes are still being utilized."

Brown said she made the decision to run again after "much reflection." She was first elected in 2010.

"I have always been the Republican candidate — I ran in 2008 against the Democrat incumbent and in 2010 I won against the Democrat incumbent," Brown said. "In 2012 the former incumbent ran against me in the Republican primary and won. When you vote, in the Primary Election this May, please vote Republican."

Brown is a member of the Arkansas County Circuit Clerkís Association, a Committee Member of the Lonoke County Republican Party, a member of the Apostolic Church in Lonoke and an Instructor in the A.C.T.S. (Alcohol, Chemical Treatment Services) program, and former Chairperson of the Lonoke County Single Parent Scholarship Fund.

She has been married to Ralph N. Brown, Lonoke County Jail Chaplin, for more than 27 years. They have four sons, Jacob, Daniel, Nathan and Matthew. They have lived in Lonoke County for the past 16 years.