All hats are in the ring for the May Preferential Primary. Until this week individuals could only announce their intention to seek nomination as a party candidate - now only those who met the Monday deadline can say they are, indeed, eligible for nomination

For those offices that did not draw competing party candidates, the primary could determine the next officeholder - provided no independent candidate seeks the office.

Cities not listed are those where positions are filed as independent candidates with no primary needed. Filing period for those positions is in September.

Candidates running for the same offices are (* Incumbent):

State Representative District 14 - Camille Bennett (D); Trent Eilts (R); Buddy Fisher (R)

State Representative District 43 (Republican) - Darlene Byrd; Tim Lemons


Circuit Clerk (Republican) - Deborah Oglesby*; Denise Brown

County Clerk (Republican) - Larry Clarke* ; Dawn Porterfield

Tax Assessor (Republican) - Jerrel L. Maxwell; Marsha Beck; Jack McNally*

Sheriff (Republican) John Staley*; Steve Finch; Jim Roberson

Coroner (Republican) Mark Thomas*; Linda Meadows

Justice Of The Peace:

Dist. 1 - R.D. Hopper (R); Brent Canon* (R)

Dist. 2 - Barry D. (B.J.) Weathers* (R); Christian Parks (Libertarian)

Dist. 5 - Adam Justice (R); Gregg Kidd (R)

Dist. 6 - Lee Linville* (R); Jerry Cole (R)

Dist. 7 - Ralph Brown (R); Dan F. Stowers (D)

Dist. 8 - Bryson Harpole (R); Tate House (R); John D. Hudspeth Sr. (D)

Dist. 10 - Bill Ryker* (D); Robert I. DePriest III (D)

Dist. 12 - Matt Sanders* (R); Patricia Ann Knox (R)


Mayor - Wayne McGee* (D); Jim Bailey (R)

Alderman 1 - Janie Derning* (D); Fred Ibbotson (D)

Alderman 4 - Larry Clark (R); Wendell Walker* (D)

Alderman 5 - Phillip M. Ford (D); Efrem Jones* (D); Phillip Mckinley Ford (D

Constable (by Township)

(Carlisle) - Greg Renner (R); Ronnie Thrift * (R)

(Butler) - John Timothy Huett Sr.* (R); Roger Lee Williams (R); Jody Webb (R); Justin Mccallister (R)

(Lafayette) Tim Collins (R); Michael E. Kendall Sr. (R)

(Lonoke) George C. Bailey* (D); Adam Ingle (R); Dean White (R); Steve Morgan (R)

(Furlow Twp) Jesse Taylor (R); Daryl W. Clement (D)

(Crooked Creek) Lance Johnson (R); Joseph D. Matone (D)

(Caroline Twp) Jerry Shepard (R); David Bufford (R)

Non Partisan Judicial:

Circuit Judge, District 23, Division 02 - Larry K. Cook; Ashley Parker

Candidates running unopposed are:

Unopposed postions:


Rep. Joe Farrer* State Representative District 44 (R)


County Judge - Doug Erwin* (R)

Treasurer - Patti Weathers* (R)

Collector - Patricia McCallie* (D)

Justice Of The Peace:

Dist. 3 - Henry L. Lang* (R)

Dist. 4 - Darrin Waymack* (R)

Dist. 9 - Roger Lynch* (D)

Dist. 11 - Mike Dolan* (D)

Dist. 13 - Larry Odom* (R)

County Surveyor - William Gipson (R)

Mayor Of Humnoke - Tammie M. Jinks (D)


Lonoke City Clerk - Jeribeth Edwards* (R)

Lonoke City Treasurer - Phillip Howell (D)

Alderman 2 - Norman Woodroe Evans Jr., (R)

Alderman 3 - Pat Howell* (D)

Alderman 8 - Koy S. Butler* (D)


Mayor - Danny Maynard* (R)


Ward 1 Position 2 - Lenny V. Adams* (D)

Ward 4 Position 2 - Dearl Frizzell* (D)

Constable (by Township)

(Gray) William A. (Tony) Southerland* (R)

(Ward Twp) James W. Williams Sr.* (R) Ward

(Goodrum Twp) Mike Neemann (R)

(Prairie Twp) Steve Rich Rep

(Oak Grove Twp) Vince F. Scarlata* (R)

(Gumwood Twp) Eugene Beno Duke* (D)

Non Partisan Judicial:

Judge Barbara Elmore Circuit Judge, District 23, Division 01

Judge Sandy Huckabee Circuit Judge, District 23, Division 03

Court Of Appeals Judge Phillip Whiteaker - Court Of Appeals Associate Judge District 01, Position 02

Prosecuting Attorney Chuck Graham Prosecuting Attorney, District 23