The Carlisle Chamber of Commerce deemed the Business Appreciation Banquet held on April 1 a success during its meeting on Monday.

Jim Bailey said unlike the Business Appreciation Banquet, most banquets are not free.

"It tells business that we really do appreciate you," Bailey said.

Mayor Ray Glover thanked their help in assisting the Carlisle Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) for hosting the banquet for the businesses.

"I want to thank everyone, especially the Chamber," Glover said. "I think it went really well. I’ve heard nothing but compliments on it.

During the banquet, guests were served a meal while the CEDC made a presentation on what they have done over the past five years. Arkansas State Film Commissioner Christopher Crane was the guest speaker for the evening. Yearly chamber awards were also presented during the event.

"It made me really feel proud of our community," Jane Ann Harper said.

Glover added that the flowers purchased by Bank of England for the banquet have since been planted downtown in the new flower beds.

For his city update, Glover said city wide clean up will be May 6-10. He said he hopes residents take full advantage of the opportunity to clean up.

"There is no reason people can’t clean up their yards," Glover said. "Its a golden opportunity for people to clean up their yards and we will haul it away for them."

Glover said the new police and court building is going up. He said they will be working on the roof this week, so long as the rain allows them to work. Glover said the 350 pound clock for the building has arrived. Completion date for the building is set for August.

Street paving will begin in May, according to Glover. He said city workers are putting curbing and gutters down trying to get the streets ready for paving.

Melodie Hardke has taken on assisting with the local dog adoption program. He said she is in need of bedding, which can be old blankets for the dogs. He said she is doing a great job and anyone wanting to donate items or dog food can take it to the mobile office and Police Chief Eric Frank will get the items to her.

Glover asked members to spread the word to slow down when driving around the parks. He said baseball season has begun and lots of children will be around those areas. He also said community service workers are working every day to pick up litter, but he needs the community’s help in stopping the littering.

"Let’s quit littering," Glover said.

There was no further business during the meeting. The next Chamber of Commerce meeting will be on May 13 at noon in the Civic Center.