The Carlisle Chamber of Commerce discussed simplifying plans for the Police and Court open house Monday during its monthly meeting.

Chamber President Judie Bariola asked members for feedback on keeping the opening house simple, with just tours and finger foods.

During the June Chamber meeting, city alderman Eddie Moore suggested the open house be tied into a large city-wide event downtown with a car show, vendors and live music. Bariola said while a great idea, it is not what the police department wants.

"Eric [Frank, Carlisle Chief of Police] asked that it be simple," Bariola said.

After talking with Frank, Bariola suggested just a simple come and go event with refreshments. Since the event is for the community, she also suggested local clubs be asked to help with finger foods to get everyone involved.

Although the open house was scheduled for Aug. 24, Mayor Ray Glover said on Tuesday morning that it will be postponed until September.

During the meeting, Glover gave his city-wide update. He said the Police and Court building is coming along nicely. He said sheet rock was scheduled to be finished on Tuesday and the sidewalk re-poured this week. Glover said it will now be mid August before everything can be moved in.

"I think it looks great," Wes Woods said.

Glover said the new jail will be able to house a maximum of 10 inmates. The left section of the building will be the police side with offices, dispatch, kitchenette and cells. He said the right part of the building is for the court room and court clerks.

"I think it’s going to be set up really good," Glover said. "And everyone will have a place."

Beginning this week, Code Enforcement officer Robin Rountree will be at the Carlisle Civic Center between 9 a.m. until noon every Wednesday, to hear complaints and concerns of any kinds pertaining to Code Enforcement. Glover said the city is taking action on numerous violations, from letting dogs run at large to old houses not being maintained. He said one thing that particularly bothers him, is yards not being mowed.

"I’m upset by a lot of yards not being mowed," Glover said. "Or they mow the yard and leave the ditches."

Glover said notices are being given to residents in violation of the city’s grass height code. Those who chose not to keep their yards under 10 inches after receiving notice, will be fine.

He also said he is in the process of getting old buildings torn down. While not an overnight process, Glover said affidavits are being filled out on those who have been given property notification to clean up their properties, but refuse to do so. He said once the affidavit is signed by the judge, those involved will be summonsed to court and possibly fined.

"We’ve given these people plenty of time to clean up these properties," Glover said. "We’re not trying to be unreasonable, we just want people to clean up and get our town looking really nice."

Glover said dogs running at large is also becoming an issue. He said he has been told people are aware of the dog catchers hours, so when he is off, owners are letting their dogs out to run.

"You can’t let animals run at large," Glover said.

To deter people from letting their pets out when the animal control officer is not on the streets, Glover said they will be changing the officer’s hours.

On a positive note, Glover praised Melodie Hardke for the work she has done in helping dogs at the animal shelter. Glover said Hardke is doing great job in helping find the dogs a good home.

The next Chamber of Commerce meeting will be at noon on Aug. 12 in the Civic Center.