Hello from Chambers Nursing and Rehab Center. We hope everyone is adjusting to the ever changing weather. We’re all ready for Spring. Here are the activities for March 16-22.

On Saturday, March 16, the Landmark Baptist Church came for its weekly visit and Morrison Chapel came for its monthly visit. Sunday, the Lonoke Baptist Church came for Sunday School. A party was held for Loreine Lee’s 91st birthday. Several family members attended.

On Monday, we had Bible study and in the afternoon, the band with Jerry Foshee, Don Beasley and Glenn came and played and sang.

Tuesday, we had exercise class and played bingo. The big winner was Agnes Batchelor.

On Wednesday, the Chatter Club met and we had our monthly birthday party. We served hot fudge brownie sundaes.

Thursday, we played bingo. The big winner was Evelyn White. We watched a video that afternoon. On Friday, we had Bible study and played ball toss.

Our prayers are with the families of Erma Campbell and Nancy McDurmont at their times of loss.

Billy Booth visited Maudie Sayger. Bobby and Bernice Mashburn visited Floyd Churchwell., Beverly Mathews visited Addie Conder. Maddison, Frankie, Lucinda and Khalil Hatton visited Rosie Hatton and Mark Hatton. Billy Booth, Jessica and Ronnie Scarbourgh visited Bessie Swaim.