Hello from Chambers Nursing and Rehab. Here’s the activities for April 6-12:

On Saturday, April 6, Landmark Baptist Church came for their weekly visit and we played dominoes. Sunday, the Lonoke Baptist Church came for Sunday School and we enjoyed family visits.

On Monday, we had Bible study with Tumarshall Adkins and Carrie Polk and listened to band music with Jerry Foshee, Don Beasley and friends. Tuesday, we had exercise class and played Bingo that afternoon. The big winner was Ernestine Whittenburg.

On Wednesday, the Chatter Club met and we had our monthly birthday party that afternoon.

Thursday, we were entertained with guitar music by Roger King and played word search that afternoon.

On Friday, we had beauty shop day. We also had exercise class and played dominoes that afternoon.

Billy Booth visited Bessie Swaim and Jimmy Simmons. Beverly Mathews visited Addie Conder. Linda Hamner visited William Hamner. Maelene Hudson and Mary King visited Henry Lee. Frank Hatton, Gwendolyn Hatton, Jean Foster, Tracy Brewer, Larry Foster, Ricky Miller, Cory Miller, Pastor Herschel and Evangelist Samella Jackson visited Rosie Hatton and Mark Hatton. Lavon and Debby Priest visited Dana Priest. Chelesa Anderson, Isabel Duch, Thomas Duch, Stephen Duck, Bill and Kym Warren visited Jerry Duch. Robert Spillman, E.J. Spillman and Judy Smith visited Shirley Lowery.