Preparations by the alumni association for the 2013 homecoming weekend have led to some interesting discoveries. The Class of 2003 will be celebrating their 10-year anniversary since graduation and returning for their first decade reunion. We’re not sure whether to be excited or nervous about the prospects for this reunion. When we research the history of this class, we start with the following poem from their Bison yearbook: "Some teachers call us rude, Some even say we’re crude. They just don’t see who we really try to be. We try to be different, we try to be unique. We do our own thing, we make our own critique. They say we’re immature. We act like we don’t care. But deep down inside, we think it isn’t fair. We’re not like other classes, but we’re not supposed to be. We’re not 2002. We’re 2003. But, we’ll all stick together and do the best we can. Because our senior class is their own biggest fan."

An example of their "Moments to Remember" was shared by class member Matt Campbell when he said, "Cody and I were standing in the bathroom, and Harold urinated on me. I told on him, and Mrs. Zimmerman and Mrs. Cathy Plafcan put their noses on the shirt to smell it! It was nasty! The bad thing is that he did not get in trouble."

The class seemed to have a bit of a complex about how they were treated throughout school. This was illustrated in their "First Class To" list. They claimed to be the first class to lose the pavilion, have the seventh grade eat with us!, not have assigned parking places, denied the privilege of a job shadowing day, have 77 percent of its members "intern" the legal system first hand, and break windows of a church who let them use their facilities for testing. Whew! It sounds like 2003 was a hard year. Class member Brandon Waddell summed up his class when he said, "As seniors, we come into school thinking we are "top dogs." Yet with no pavilion, career days, and parking spaces, we are running short on Senior Rights. Believe it or not, some people have classified us as a ‘bunch of punks’ because maybe from time to time we have caused some trouble. We only have one defense to all this chaos of our ‘memorable year’….we just want to have some fun!"

Our favorite jewel to come from the history of this class was recorded by Miss CeCe Plafcan. In the homecoming section of their Bison yearbook, CeCe stated, "Homecoming is not just about pretty girls and handsome guys, it’s also about the Carlisle Alumni coming home and remembering the priceless thing they can never get back…..youth."

Please join the Carlisle High School Alumni Association in welcoming the Class of 2003 back for its 10th anniversary during homecoming weekend. We honestly don’t know what to expect, but can feel pretty confident in saying it will end up being a lot of fun!