The Carlisle District Court office hired two new clerks last week to fill office vacancies.

Jennifer Wolfe, 44, of Carlisle will be filling the full-time deputy clerk position. She said she applied for the position because she was looking for something full time, close to home.

“I’m excited,” Wolfe said. “It’s going to be a lot of work.”

According to Wolfe, her position as a former parks director and daycare owner is beneficial to her as the new deputy clerk. She said her previous jobs give her more insight, despite the difficulty for anyone to be qualified position, she understands how the city works and how to handle finances.

“Its a big process,” Wolfe said. “Unless you have worked for a district court, there is no way to have experience for this job.”

Wolfe has an associates degree from Arkansas State University in Beebe. She is married and has two children.

Crystal Kosher, 34, formerly of Brickeys will be filling the part-time clerk position. The part-time clerk is a 15 hour per week position.

Kosher said she recently moved to the community because of her husbands career change. She said she “did her homework” and chose Carlisle because of the school district.

Prior to her move, Kosher worked 12 years doing data entry for a farming and flying service; CEM partnership, Cottonwood Partnership, and Ag. Inc of Brickeys. Kosher is married and has a son.

Wolfe and Kosher said since beginning training on Jan. 14, the past week has been busy. Both attended four hours of court on Jan. 16.

“It was interesting,” Kosher said.

“It is interesting,” Wolfe said. “which makes it [the overall job] easier”.

Wolfe will be replacing Beth Plafcan who is currently in the process of training both clerks until the end of January.

“She [Plafcan] is an awesome trainer,” Wolfe said

Duties the clerks will oversee in their positions are clerical duties, financial budgeting, preparing dockets for court, answering questions for defendants, assisting District Court Judge Joseph Svoboda in court and working with local, county, highway and state police.