Despite the confusion caused by a Nixle text message on Friday, Jeff Ward, Carlisle water superintendent, recently assured residents there is no water shortage.

At 10:12 a.m. on Friday morning a Nixle text message was broad-casted throughout the community which stated "Carlisle City Water Shortage. Please do your part to conserve water. Failure to comply will result in disruption of service."

The Nixle service allows government agencies and small-to-medium businesses to communicate in a secure way over a mobile platform using both public and private messaging, according to information from the Nixle company.

Many residents who have signed up for Nixle messaging system may have received Friday’s message.

Exactly twenty minutes later, a second message went out with a correction that stated, "Carlisle City water please do your part to conserve water to prevent a shortage. Failure to comply will result in disruption of service."

"No, we are not in a shortage," Ward said. "We are not running low"

Ward said as soon as he realized what the message sent said, he immediately had the message corrected. He said the message was sent out after he received a letter from the state asking that everyone begin to conserve water due to the drought and lack of rainfall.

"We are asking to start conserving to prevent a shortage in the future," he said.

Ward said water levels continue to hold steady, despite the increase he has seen in water usage. He said the city is actually pumping more water than he has ever pumped before.

On Wednesday morning, despite the slight amount of rain seen the past few days, residents still are being asked to conserve.

According to Ward, as published in the July 5 issue of the Carlisle Independent, the Arkansas Department of Health recommends a number of ways individuals can reduce their water use:

• Observe conservation guidelines such as watering on alternate days;

• Water lawns only when needed;

• Soak lawns rather than sprinkling, which tends to evaporate quickly;

• Water during the cool part of the day such as early morning;

• Do not use water to clean gutters, driveways and sidewalks, instead use a broom;

• Put a layer of mulch around trees and plants as mulch holds moisture and slows evaporation;

• D0 not use automatic dishwashers and washing machines unless fully loaded;

• Do not let a faucet run while cleaning vegetables or washing dishes, instead use a pan of water or stoppered sink;

• Do not leave water flowing while brushing teeth or shaving;

• Keep a bottle of drinking water in the refrigerator;

• Avoid running tap water to cool it for drinking;

• Check faucets, pipes, and toilets for drips or leaks;

• Install water-saving shower heads or flow restrictors.