A bizarre scene of crushed vehicles, downed power lines, tree debris and a broken power pole was a sight to behold on Friday morning after a large tree causes extensive damage after it was brought down by high winds.

According to a report from the Carlisle Police Department, Chief of Police Eric Frank was dispatched to Inman Dental Clinic on Friday in response to a downed power pole. Frank said he observed a large tree in the yard of Elaine Rollins residence at 613 N. Williams Avenue, had been blow down by the wind.

In the report, Frank said the tree had fallen in a southerly direction taking out several power and telephone lines during its decent; breaking an electrical pole at the southwest corner of the intersection of N. Williams Ave. and W. 6th St., causing damage to several telephone and power lines and partially pulling a telephone pole over at the southeast corner of the intersection. Many residents were left without electricity for several hours.

In the tree’s destructive path, six vehicles belonging to employees and patients, who parked in the employee parking area adjacent to W. 6th St., were also damaged. According to the police report, four vehicles, a 2010 GMC Denali, 2008 Dodge Caravan, 2012 Chrysler 200 and a 2011 Ford Explorer received extensive damage and two vehicles, a 2013 BMW 328i and a 2007 Chevy Avalanche received minor dents and scratches.

Frank contacted the Public Works Department employees to block access to the affected area, according to the report. Entergy and CenturyLink crews responded to the scene to repair damages and Randy Phillips was contacted to remove the tree from the vehicles and out of the roadway.

At 5 p.m. Friday afternoon, power was restored to the effected area and Phillps’ crew was in the process removing the tree debris to reopening W. 6th Street.

Shortly after the event occurred on Friday, Inman Dental Clinic employee Tiffany Myers said her first thought when she heard the loud noise was that a car wreck had occurred outside the clinic.

"It scared us to death," Myers said.

Myers’s vehicle, along with vehicles of fellow employees Leslie Lenderman and Amanda Ferguson and three patients were found covered in limbs, downed lines and tree debris. While on the scene Friday, at least two of the four vehicles that received extensive damage appeared to be have irreparable.

Myers said on Tuesday that the 2011 Ford Explorer owned by Leslie Lenderman has been declared totaled. She said she and Ferguson are waiting to receive estimates for their vehicles.

Frank said total estimate of damages from the fallen tree is unknown as of Tuesday.