Stratton Seed Company is building a new dry fertilizer blend plant in Carlisle and expanding its services to area farmers.

Stratton Seed’s Stuttgart operation is a full service farm supply company furnishing seed, chemical and fertilizer to its farmer customer. Mark Stratton, Manager of Farm Supply Operations, said the Stuttgart operation has a very professional well-trained crop consulting staff that is the customer’s production partner. He said it has been their vision since they purchased the Winrock Seed Plant to offer the same level of service to their Carlisle customers.

Stratton said they are plan to provide the same level of service in Carlisle.

"Stephen Bariola and Eric Kelley have done an excellent job in doing all they could with the limited resources they had," Stratton said. "The Carlisle seed production plant was an excellent fit to our company in 1989, and the addition of our new state-of-the-art dry fertilizer blend plant will give the operation the resources it needs to offer the same level of service in Carlisle, as we do in Stuttgart".

The new plant will include a high capacity Layco declining weight blend system that is designed to provide precise blends of fertilizer products as well as small amounts of micronutrients to meet the precise needs of farming today. Adams Manufacturing of DeWitt is providing the receiving equipment.

Weeks Construction of Jonesboro is the building contractor.

The ground preparation and concrete work is completed as of Tuesday.

Bariola, Location Manager, said he is excited to be able to offer Stratton Seed customers expanded services and professional advice to improve the profitability of its customer base and seed growers.

"We will be able to tailor a crop production program from soil sampling to crop harvest that will help our customers maximize the yield of the crops they grow," Bariola said. " This will be done by Stratton personnel that are both licensed Arkansas Crop Consultants and Certified Crop Advisors."

The expansion will create several new job opportunities at Stratton Seed, Carlisle.

"Stephen, Eric, Jimmy, Betty and all Carlisle employees are excited for this addition to the facility," Stratton said.

Plant construction is projected to be completed in January 2014, so there is plenty of time to be fully operational for spring according to Stratton.