Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, when the United States of America declared its independence from Great Britain.

Of course no Fourth of July event is complete without the gathering family and friends, barbecue cooking on the grill and the grand finale of bright, colorful fireworks. This year, the Carlisle Cheerleaders have a fireworks tent set up as a fundraiser. Their tent is located on the Bobby Glover Highway near Interstate 40, between Immanuel Baptist Church and the Texaco gas station.

According to senior high cheerleader sponsor Lindsey Thaxton, there are lots of big sellers this year. On Tuesday, Thaxton said a new shipment of "The Here and Now" which sells for $25 has arrived. She said they already sold out of the item earlier in the week along with bottle rockets. Other big sellers Thaxton mentioned were the 12 count "Artillery Shells" which sell for $26 and the "49er variety pack" which sells for $49.99.

Thaxton said of course the standard bottle rockets, smoke balls and "pop its" are always a big hit with the kids. She added that they also have a large selection of buy one, get one free items.

"We are also having a free give away worth $150," Thaxton said.

Thaxton said the cheerleader will be selling fireworks until they are hopefully sold out on July 4.

Despite last year’s burn ban, which prohibits any fireworks being discharged in the county, as of Tuesday, no burn ban has been placed anywhere in the state. Although conditions are favorable for fireworks, extra precaution should always be taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

In accordance to Carlisle City Ordinances, fireworks may only be discharged between 8 a.m. until midnight on July 4.

Other regulations included:

• Fireworks may not be discharged from public streets or roadways.

• Any fireworks debris that lands upon public property or the private property of another person must be cleaned up immediately.

• In accordance with Arkansas State Law (ACA §20-22-701 et seq.), no person who is under the age of 12, is intoxicated or is deemed to be irresponsible may purchase fireworks.

• It is unlawful to explode or ignite fireworks within six hundred feet (600’) of any church, hospital, asylum, public school, or within 200 feet of where fireworks are stored, sold or offered for sale.

• No person shall ignite or discharge fireworks within, or throw the fireworks from, a motor vehicle while therein, nor shall any person place or throw any ignited article of fireworks into or at a motor vehicle or at or near any person or group of people.