An investigation is underway at Carlisle High School following an incident which happened between two students on April 15 in a campus restroom.

In a statement given by Carlisle Superintendent Jason Clark, the incident in question involved a male and female student. Clark said an internal school investigation was conducted immediately following report of the occurrence. He said local authorities were also contacted and are conducting their own investigating of the incident.

"An incident between a male and female student occurred in a school bathroom last Tuesday," Clark said. ‘It was promptly reported to the high school office and an immediate investigation into the matter was conducted by high school principal, Brad Horn. Shortly after, the Carlisle Police Department was notified of the incident along with other required agencies."

Due to the privacy act, Clark said he is unable to release any details concerning the nature of the incident.

"The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents more detailed information being released at this time," Clark said.

"But school administrators, the Carlisle Police Department and the parents of the students involved have been working diligently to determine the proper course of action regarding this matter," Clark added.

Carlisle Police Chief Eric Frank said Tuesday morning there is an open, active investigation being conducted by the police department, concerning an incident that occurred at the high school campus on Tuesday, April 15. According to Frank, the case will be submitted to the Lonoke County Prosecuting attorneys office for review.

Frank said "no comment" to any further detailed involved in the case.