Thirty General Federation of Women’s Club (GFWC) members and two visitors attended the District IV Spring Convention on March 9 at the Calvary Baptist Church family life center. Hazel Swilley, president of District IV, presided over the meeting of GFWC clubs from Carlisle, England and Hazen.

The meeting began with the executive council. Secretary Chris Weems reported that the minutes were approved by the minutes committee. Pat Aycock, treasurer, gave the financial report. Swilley appointed Nell Pich of the Elsie McClain Club, Gail Cox of the Ruth Barrett Fox Club and Ann Lenderman of the Progressive Club to be the minutes committee for the meeting.

Gail Cox opened the regular meeting with prayer and Swilley led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Swilley welcomed all and asked them to attend the next meeting accompanied by other club members. She gave the summary of the reports from the district. Swilley introduced Judy Foot, GFWC-AR president and past district presidents Chris Weems and Judy Foot as well as GFWC-AR fundraiser Pene Hadley.

Department chairman, Pat Aycock, The Arts, gave her report and the Altruistic Club of Carlisle was given the first-place award for maintaining the life-size nativity scene that is displayed for over a month during the Christmas season. Partnership winners were: first place, Progressive Club of Carlisle; second place, Elsie McCain Club of Hazen; third place, Cosmopolitan of England.

Conservation chairman Rita Farris gave first place to Elsie McCain Club of Hazen for work done for Arbor and Earth Day with fifth grade students. Second place went to the Altruistic Club and third to Cosmopolitan Club.

Linda Price of the Ruth Barrett Fox Club of Hazen reported that the education department had four club reports, 93 hours of work and spent $1,370. Winners in the partnership are first place, Progressive Club and second place, Elsie McCain Club. The community service winners were first place, Altruistic Club and second place went to the Cosmopolitan Club.

Home Life department chairman Sue Carter received three reports and awarded first place to Cosmopolitan Club, second place to the Progressive Club and third place to Elsie McCain Club.

Thelma Shook, International Outlook chairman, awarded Altruistic Club first place, Elsie McCain Club second place and third place to Progressive Club.

Shook also gave the Advocated for Children awards partnership award to Progressive Club first place for their work with the Wade Knox Center and second place award to Elsie McCain Club.

Public Issues chairman Sarah Orlicek gave first place to the Progressive Club, second place to Elsie McCain Club and third to the Cosmopolitan Club.

Carolyn Martin, Carlisle Altruistic Club, chairman of leadership, gave first place award to the Progressive club and second place to the Elsie McCain Club.

Communications and Public Relations award went to Elsie McCain Club.

Judy Foot, GFWC-AR president’s special project is "See a Need, Fill a Need". She passed out report forms for each club to tell what has been done in the area. The report should be sent to Debbie Thomas on or before April 18.

Foot also announced that the GFWC-AR Spring Convention will be at the Hilton Garden Inn in North Little Rock on May 3-4. The Fall Workshop and board meeting will be Aug. 3 at the Arkansas 4-H Center in Little Rock.

The memorial service was given by Chris Weems. The club members and former members who died during the last year were Charlene Skarda Haynes or the Elsie McCain Club, Patty McMullen Felty of the Ruth Barrett Fox Club, Shirley Cantrell Morgan, a former member of the Cosmopolitan Club and Clara Parks Sims, a lifetime member of the Progressive Club. Weems used a bouquet of fresh daffodils to represent each deceased member as she read a brief biographical sketch.

The program broke for lunch. Gail Cox gave the invocation for the meal. Swilley introduced her daughter in law, Beverly Swilley and granddaughter Brooke, of Franklin, Tenn., who came to have lunch with the group.

Alecia Pasley gave the awards for the Ten Penny Art contest. In the Class I paint category, Kimberly Lott, represented by the Progressive Club, won first place. Class II, in the category of drawing, first place went to Logan Hodnett and second place to Jessica Ward, representing the Carlisle Progressive Club. Class II, in multi-medium, charcoal, fist place went to Jackson Ball, sponsored by the Carlisle Altruistic Club, second place went to Sloane Henderson and third place to Jessica Ward, both sponsored by the Progressive Club.

The yearbook first place award went to the Progressive Club and there was a tie for second place, Cosmopolitan Club and Altruistic Club.

Scrapbook first place went to the Altruistic Club and second to the Progressive Club.

Door prizes were awarded and the meeting closed with the members repeating the Club Collect.