The leaders of your city continue to look for ways to improve your town and make life easier for our citizens. This past year, your City Council has started and finished several projects. Our goal is to keep moving forward in order to attract more people to move here and be part of our great community.

We finished the second phase of the Street Improvement Project this past summer. The third and final phase will be this summer. The paving has gone well and has been a big improvement for our town.

The City parks are a priority for the Mayor and City Council. We are very aware of our young people and their need to have good parks to play and have fun. We understand that when people are looking for a place to move, parks play a big part in their decision. We will continue to look for ways to improve our parks through the grant process.

The Carlisle Municipal Airport continues to grow. The Airport Commission is working hard to make our airport special. There are over 30 planes on the grounds with more people looking for space at our facility. Carlisle has been approved to build a new 8 plane T-Hangar this summer. We realize our airport is a big asset to our city.

The Economic Development Board is hard at work preparing for visits from potential industries. We know if our town is to grow, we must have jobs for our people.

Several new homes have been built in the Two Prairie Subdivision. More homes are to be built this coming year. The subdivision is filling up fast.

The past several years, your city leaders have made many improvements to your town. This past year, the big project was the Police and Court Building. This beautiful building put our town back together. Main Street looks so much better. Everyone should be proud of the building that is the talk of towns around us.

The year, 2013, was a good year for the City of Carlisle. We were nominated as a City of Distinction and won the category of Quality of Life for towns with a population of 5,000 or less in the State of Arkansas. This is a very prestigious award. The people of Carlisle should be very proud of this award.

This coming year, we will be looking for more ways to improve our city so the people who live here will be proud to say Carlisle is their hometown.

I would like to express my gratitude for all who work for the city. We have hard working dedicated employees. Marvin Reid retired as Fire Chief after serving the city for a very long time. We thank him for his years of service. I ask our citizens to help keep our town clean. Your city leaders will continue to work to keep your town moving in the right direction.

With your continued support, we will make Carlisle a better place for all of us to live.