The Kenny and Lisa McFarlin Family of Carlisle has been selected as the 2014 Lonoke County Farm Family of the Year.

Kenny and Lisa McFarlin Farms is currently owned and operated by the couple and their oldest son Ky. The second generation farm has been in operation since 1997. They currently farm more than 3,000 acres of farm land north and south of Carlisle. Crops raised by the McFarlin family include rice, milo, wheat and soybeans.

Kenny McFarlin’s father and mother J.A. and Jean McFarlin were named the Farm Family of the Year in 1974.

Kenny McFarlin said he is unable to describe in words what a privilege it is to be named Lonoke County farm family of the year, amongst all of the former Lonoke County farm families.

"I feel very honored," he said. "In my opinion, the farmers of Lonoke County are some of the best farmers in the state. I am honored to be named apart of them."

The McFarlins were chosen by the Lonoke County Family Farm Selection Committee. The selection committee is sponsored by Arkansas Farm Bureau. Committee members are made up of community leaders involved in agriculture.

Since 1947, the Arkansas Farm Family of the Year program has served as a vehicle to recognize outstanding farm families throughout the state according to the Arkansas Farm Bureau website. The objectives of program are:

• To give recognition and encouragement to farm families who are doing an outstanding job on their farm and in their community.

• To grain recognition of the importance of agriculture in the community and state.

• To disseminate information on improved farm practices and management.