As of Monday, new procedures are in effect for parents picking up students.

According to Elementary school principal Karen Norton, parents picking up students in a vehicle must have a new car rider sign attached to the car visor. Parents allowing anyone other than a parent to pick up a student from school, such as grandparents or neighbors, is asked to loan out their visor tag for any temporary pick-up situation.

Anyone who did not pick up a visor tag during open house, is asked to stop by the office and pick up a tag. Additional tags are available for purchase for only $1. Parents with children who are daily bus riders in the afternoons, will not need a visor tag.

In addition to the tags, Norton said any student riding home in a car, will be in the car rider line.

"No student will walk to a car to be picked up this year," Norton said. " This is a safety concern and we want all of our children safe."

Norton said parents who walk to the school and walk their child home in the afternoons, are asked to wait under the awning across from the car rider pick up line, in front of the old high school or under the pavilion. A school crossing guard will walk all the students across the road to meet parents. She said this procedure is for walkers being met by parents to walk home, not to get into a car.

If any type of transportation change needs to be made, parents are asked to send their child’s teacher a note or call the school before 2 p.m. Changes after 2 p.m. will only be granted in an emergency situation.

"Thank you for helping us keep our students safe," Norton said. "We appreciate your cooperation. It is going to be a great year!"