New Carlisle High School principal Brad Horn will not only welcome students back for the 2013-14 school year, but also the usage of cell phones.

Horn, 41, of Cabot said the biggest change for students this fall will be the allowed usage of cell phones, especially during lunch. Previously, students were not allowed to use cell phones at any time during school hours.

Horn said during a visit to the district last school year, he spoke with students and teachers about what changes they would like to see in the upcoming year.

"Students wish they could use their cell phones," Horn said.

According to Horn, he also met with the handbook committee, which is made up of students, teachers and parents, to discuss and propose changes to handbook. He said it was also their consensus that students should be allowed some usage of their cell phones during school hours. It was then Horn decided to implement a new cell phone policy, similar to the policy at the Cabot school district.

Since the approval of the policy changes during the July school board meeting, student will be allowed to use their cell phones at lunch. Horn said he is hoping cell phone usage at lunch will cut down on disciplinary issues.

"I’d rather them be able to use cell phones and concentrate on that, than actions that may cause them to get into trouble," Horn said.

Teachers will also be able to implement the usage of cell phones in the classroom at their digression, according to Horn.

"There are valid uses for cell phones in the classroom," Horn said.

Horn said cell phones are just a part of changes times.

As a 1990 graduate of Cabot High School, Horn has a bachelor’s degree from Arkansas State University. He received his master’s in Education Leadership and Administration Degree three years ago, also from ASU.

Horn and his wife Rachel have two children and enjoy fishing. He said his son Ryan, 2, enjoys tractors, boat rides and going fishing.

"He loves tractors," Horn said. "Everything is John Deer though. It doesn’t matter what color it is, it’s still John Deer."

Horn said his stepdaughter Georgia, 7, enjoys barbies, spending time with her parents, cuddling and watching movies. He said although she is not as interested in touching the fish as her brother, Horn said Georgia also likes to fish.

"Georgia enjoys going fishing with me," Horn said.

According to Horn, Georgia will continue attending school in Beebe, and Ryan, once he is old enough, will attend Cabot Schools. He said Rachel teaches junior high at Cabot and it is more feasible to for kids to attend school close to her.

"We plan to keep them more centrally located to her," Horn said, "where she is teaching."

According to Horn, his drive for teaching was to make a difference in students lives through education.

"I thought maybe I could make an impact," Horn said.

After 14 years of teaching science and engineering at Cabot Junior High North, Junior High South and High School, Horn said he is ready to begin making an impact on both teachers and students from an administration level. This will be his first position in administration.

"The reason I went into administration is for a support roll for both teachers and students," Horn said. "I went into teaching for the kids, but saw the impact that can also be made on teachers."

Horn describes his experience with a teaching staff as a family atmosphere. He said he hopes to see the same type of connection between his teachers and wants them to enjoy teaching at Carlisle High School.

"If teachers are looking forward to coming to work, it makes a positive impact on students," Horn said. "As a building principal, I hope to make a greater impact on a larger number of individuals."

There will be an open house on 6-7:30 p.m. on Aug. 15 at the high school.