Carlisle Mayor Ray Glover announced changes coming to Carlisle on Monday, July 14 during the Chamber of Commerce meeting.

According to Glover, the Carlisle City Park will soon be the highlight for children of Carlisle. Through a matching grant, the city plans to install a "splash pad", a recreation area for water play.

"We are being very mindful of our youth," Glover said.

Glover said bids were accepted last week for the project and the council will vote to accept a bid at the July 15 City council meeting.

A 12-foot flagpole will soon be a focal point at Rock Island Park, located behind the depot. Glover said the flagpole would actually be the mask for a Verizon cell tower. Glover said the city would collect $800 per month rental on the tower. Verizon will be responsible for installing a fence around the pole and to maintain the flag.

New modern trash service will soon be available to Carlisle residents, Glover said. According to Glover WCA Waste Corporation has agreed to trash collection services at the previous rate of $9.10, with a five-year option of renewal. He said city residents would be given a 96-gallon trashcan by WCA, for household trash. Glover said the residents will place their bin on the side of the road on Monday night and it will be picked up on Tuesday morning. The council is also currently looking into recycling options available for residents through WCA Waste Corporation, according to Glover.

The Carlisle City jail is finalizing final steps to open. Glover said the city jail would soon be "ready for occupants", once new latches have been installed on three cell doors. According to Glover, the door locks were required to have key access and have been ordered. He said once the new latches are installed, Jail Standards would be contacted for a final inspection.

"Hopefully we will be ready for inspection at the end of the week," Glover said.

In other chamber business, Chamber president Cody Snider said he has spoken with Airport Commissioner Larry Pasley about scheduling this year’s bi-annual airport day for Nov. 1. Snider said the date would be presented to the airport commission during their meeting at the end of the month. A committee will be during the August meeting to oversee preparations for Airport Day.

New chamber secretary Debbie Reid was appointed to position by unanimous vote of chamber members.

The next Carlisle Chamber of Commerce meeting will be a noon on Aug. 11 at the Civic Center. Meal will be provided for $5