Dawn Portertfield announced that she will be seeking the office of Lonoke County Clerk.

Serving as Deputy clerk from 2003-2006, and as County Clerk from 2007-2012, Porterfield has been certified and trained on the electronic voting machines which transitioned the county from paper ballots and was mandated in 2006 by the State of Arkansas.

Collecting over 200 hours in County Clerk Continuing Education and Election Procedures and laws. As County Clerk Porterfield served on committees including the Association of County Clerks legislative committee and the Arkansas Election Commissioner’s Association, including the insurance and budget committees for Lonoke County.

In 2007, Porterfield, along with the Lonoke Treasurer, brought the computer system from a DOS program to the current Windows program, bringing the county budgets, marriage license and other services to computer, benefiting the citizens of Lonoke County, other government offices and the Quorum court.

Porterfield said she is also responsible for conducting annual voter drives at each high school in Lonoke County, educating and registering young seniors to vote.

In 2012, Porterfield brought Lonoke County to be the Second county in the state to have the electronic poll books (iPad) in every polling site in the county, bringing the name and voter information up instantly with a brief scan of the voter’s drivers license and allowing less time in lines, saving the county money by less man hours, printing book before an election, and recording those votes after an election.

"I want to serve Lonoke County with an impartial and open door policy, bringing the highest quality of professionalism and respect to everyone in Lonoke County," Porterfield said. She wants, "to serve this county with transparency, hard work, and leadership, this being required to serve the citizens and government officials. I want to Thank everyone for their support and ask for your vote on May 20, 2014."