Beatrice Heard, accompanied by her neighbors, spoke to the Carlisle City Council on Tuesday night about problems they are having in the McQueen addition.

According to Heard, the McQueen addition, located on the west side of town is having a lot of drainage issues. She said ditches are needing to be cleaned out, roads are needing to be paved and flumes in the area are in need of replacement.

"They’ve got a serious drainage problem down there," Alderman W.H Kittler said.

Mayor Ray Glover told the guests that the city will start looking into having the ditches dug and straightening out and unclogging the flumes causing problems.

"We will get down there, dig ditches and try to get some stuff done," Glover said.

Heard presented a petition with signatures to have the problems addressed.

Glover presented the council with quotes on having the Civic Center parking lot sealed and striped. He said he has been informed that if the parking lot was sealed, it will last longer and potentially save the city money in the future. Glover had two quotes on sealing, the highest from Redstone Construction Group, Inc of Little rock for $3,795 and the lowest from Webb Asphalt Company of DeWitt for $3,200. The quote for striping the parking lot was for $625 from Anderson Striping Inc of Carlisle. In a unanimous vote, the council chose to have the parking lot sealed by Webb Asphalt Company for $3,200 and it striped by Anderson Striping of Carlisle for $625.

The council also unanimously accepted the bid from Advanced Mosquito Control of Boyle, Miss., for $2,358 per occurrence for their mosquito abatement service. The bid included covers all chemicals and application of 800 acres and is good for three years. Advanced Mosquito Control was the only company who submitted a sealed bid for the mosquito abatement program.

Public Works Superintendent Jeff Ward presented three bids on a 75-horse power, four-wheel tractor to be used for mowing. The lowest bid was from Heritage Agriculture of Carlisle, which submitted a bid for a 70-horse power Kubota for $24,500. Ward said Heritage Agriculture does not carry a 75-horse power Kubota tractor. The highest bid was from Ag-Pro of England for $27,200 on a 75-horse power, four wheel drive John Deer. After a lengthy discussion, the council unanimously voted to purchase the John Deer tractor from Ag-Pro for $27,200 because of quality, resale value, prior history and part availability.

In other public works business, Glover said street paving is almost complete. He said they were not planning on starting until next month, but in order to get the former over the project he was recommended, they had to start early to work with the his schedule.

City attorney Mike Stuart said the district court clerk has not yet been served for the class action suit that was filed Jan. 17 in Mississippi County against 75 district courts in Arkansas, including the Carlisle District Court. The suit filed pertains to a discount not being given by district courts on fees accumulated during moving violations and other offenses made while in control of a motor vehicle. State law requires a $10 discount be given when motorist are wearing a seat belt. The complaint filed states that over the past five years since the law went into effect, the $10 deduction was not reflected in any fees assessed.

Stuart said the Carlisle District Court’s software program seems to be correctly giving the credit. He said when an officer writes a ticket, they check a box to indicate if the motorist was indeed wearing a seat belt at the time of the stop so the program automatically deducts the $10 fee when tickets are entered into the program.

According to Stuart the case maybe dropped on the grounds of venue and motorists have 30 days to file an appeal.

"Our best bet is to sit back and see what happens," Stuart said.

At this time, no action was taken by the council.

Construction on the police and court building continues, according to Glover, who said bricks on the front of the building are going on this week.

"Everything looks good," alderman Mike Walker said.

AMB General contractors has requested a second payment for construction of the building for $82,250. Since the council is able to hold back 5 percent retainage, the council unanimously voted to retain $9,005 of the total amount paid to date and pay $73,245 of this pay request. Including this pay period, $180,100 has been paid toward the construction.

Police chief Eric Frank asked the council to consider using the Hazen Armory in the event a natural disaster happened, destroying the community. Frank said the city is mandated by the government to have an operations plan, including a specific location and address where they could relocate the city offices in the event of a natural disaster. The council voted unanimously to authorize Glover to go into an agreement with Hazen to name the Hazen Armory for the location the city would relocate its city government in the event of a natural disaster and to reciprocate the offer to Hazen by opening the Civic Center up for Hazen to relocate in the event they are unable to operate their city government due to a natural disaster.

Glover also informed the council that he as signed a proclamation on behalf of the city declaring April 2013 as Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Also during the meeting, the council unanimously voted to:

• Accept the bid of $6700 from Dennis Blag to repair the bridge on Reid Street so long as materials and labor are included in the bid.

• To pay Arkansas municipal League invoiced for vehicle and property insurance.

• To amend the 2012 budget.

Chad Bennett was absent from the meeting. The next city council meeting will be a 6 p.m. on May 21 in the Civic Center.